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  1. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    Let's be considerate of each others ideas here in a professional manner, CPL. PFC I am sure Alpha Co will take your suggestion into consideration.
  2. CPT D.Lipnitz

    1LT D.Lipnitz

  3. CPT D.Lipnitz

    What's your best gift?

    I got a 3D printer
  4. Last I heard (25NOV18), yes.
  5. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Insurgency - Monday Night Pub Night!

    Join Insurgency for a Pub Night every Monday Night!
  6. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Insurgency Operation

    Sounds like a good idea. We will look to put this in where we can for next operation!
  7. CPT D.Lipnitz

    How do the polls look?