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  1. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    Let's be considerate of each others ideas here in a professional manner, CPL. PFC I am sure Alpha Co will take your suggestion into consideration.
  2. CPT D.Lipnitz

    1LT D.Lipnitz

  3. CPT D.Lipnitz

    What's your best gift?

    I got a 3D printer
  4. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Merry Christmas

    Soldiers, from myself, former LT N.Lipnitz and 1SG R.Wendt, we want to wish you all a happy holiday. We hope you all are spending this time to give and reflect upon your loved ones. Enjoy this time of the year and the furlough! As we close out this year, look back on what we have gained and look to build upon that in the new year! Be safe, be smart, and I will see you all back in action in 2019!
  5. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Insurgency - Monday Night Pub Night!

    Join Insurgency for a Pub Night every Monday Night!
  6. CPT D.Lipnitz

    Insurgency Operation

    Sounds like a good idea. We will look to put this in where we can for next operation!
  7. CPT D.Lipnitz

    How do the polls look?