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  1. MAJ D.Lipnitz

    GoT predictions (SPOILERS!)

    So since the meh ending of last episode - All this build up for Jon to face the Night King and he doesn't even get there. My original opinion has changed on a whole lot. Jon and Dany will face Cersi together but Dany will die. Jon will take the throne despite his constant protest to titles. Tyrion and Sansa have found love between them again and house lanister will continue under Tyrion and Sansa. Sam and Gilly will continue house Tarly Bran will be the last Stark - Creepy, old, and going on and on about nothing.
  2. MAJ D.Lipnitz

    Let's Start a Story.....

  3. MAJ D.Lipnitz

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    Let's be considerate of each others ideas here in a professional manner, CPL. PFC I am sure Alpha Co will take your suggestion into consideration.
  4. MAJ D.Lipnitz

    What's your best gift?

    I got a 3D printer
  5. Last I heard (25NOV18), yes.
  6. MAJ D.Lipnitz

    Insurgency Operation

    Sounds like a good idea. We will look to put this in where we can for next operation!
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    How do the polls look?