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  1. Training Servers 1 and 2, along with the R&R server, are completely unresponsive, you are stuck in the ''loading screen'' indefinitely, and even though you can type into the chat, logging into Admin and changing the map doesn't work. Tried waiting for 15+ minutes, but nothing. Ft. Benning training map isn't ''broken'', as it works completely fine on the Realism Server, without any issues. Even without the Mission File in the server, it still doesn't work. Tried restarting the servers multiple times, even leaving them off for a good hour or so, with no luck.
  2. Hello there! Could COE upload this mission file (Operation Mission 24052020) to the Operation Server? ^^
  3. CPL D.Sklenar

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    Just started Streaming today, hoping to Stream every Sunday. Would COE mind pinning me to the Twitch Wall? ^^
  5. Website

    When you are on the homepage https://3rdinf.us/ , and you look at the News, the button with ''Read More'', it gives out a error.
  6. Agreed, don't understand the reasoning behind using the Realism Server as a ''testing ground'', not only it most likely resets the progress made on the mission that was there, but it stops other players from playing as well. There is the R&R server, which isn't up until Friday, and there is nothing on it other than the Fun Ops, which means that it is essentially useless. There is also the risk of someone not changing the map back, and seeing how the server is being used to test the new map, there is no way for a regular soldier to change it back, meaning someone with the password to the server would have to change the map manually.
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    Is it possible for RMS and SRMS (42A) to have the permission to view Drill Sergeant Journals? As of right now BMO personell cannot acces that unless they are in FIG (For example CPL Gregoire isn't), which means I have to copy-paste him the information when a Drill Sergeant Journal is posted.
  8. Can COE please upload this mission file (Operation Mission 17052020) to the Operation server? Thank you 😄
  9. I can see COE requests, so no idea what's happening there lol
  10. Website

    Cannot access any of the DMOS Applications on this link https://3rdinf.us/dmos/ , of the 10+ I tried, cannot open a single one of them.
  11. Website

    Don't know if it's being looked into or not, but the Report In Record is showing a wrong profile.
  12. I gotta say, sometimes the website is banning me as well. It comes out of nowhere, one second I am on the website, doing website stuff, and next time when I refresh the page, I am banned. After some time, I am ''unbanned'' I guess. I can't reproduce the issue, one time it is there, one time it is not.
  13. The Zeus issue can be fixed in Editor with Addon Settings. Other than that, ACRE creates more issues than it solves, and I would personally like to switch back to TFAR.