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  1. @SSG J.DrakeEnjoying his time off, meanwhile @SGT M.Gregoire is recording this to make some money off of Onlyfans
  2. (a) GENERAL INTEL Drop Zone Obsidian is the safest Drop Zone according to our Intel, with minimal patrols in the area, and a hill in between the DZ and the Airfield, providing concealment to the troops during the Paradrop from AA Fire. Drop Zone Magma, although closer to the Airfield, there is a higher risk of Iranian Patrols in the area, along with Armored elements stationed in the village next to the DZ. Drop Zone Volcano is recommended ONLY if no other Drop Zones can be used. Providing little to no cover from the Airfield, and with the biggest risk of the Iranian Garrison spotting the Parac
  3. (a) MAP DRAWINGS.
  4. The almighty MAJ screaming for his life LOL
  5. (a) GENERAL INTEL. The town of Amir was a Iraqi HQ for all Southern Operations in the province, thus it is heavily reinforced with minefields and several fortifications within the houses. Iranian MI-8 is frequently scouting the hills to the West of Amir, along with foot patrols. A communication radar is present in the town of Amir that is being controlled from a old Iraqi HQ within the city, if this HQ or radar can be neutralized, outside communication with the town will be severed. Iraqi Army is willing to provide artilerry support if needed, (b) GROUND PICTURES. 1. Old picture
  6. (a) GENERAL INTEL The town of Morut is being unrightfully claimed by the Iranian Goverment as their territory, it is expected that a Iranian Garrison of some kind is present. All Iranian personnel are still being treated as a neutral force by the US Army. Due to the recent events, Iraqi Army has agreed to establish a communication link between the Iraqi and US Army. Details will be given to the Command Element prior to the mission. Iraqi Army also issued a new identification system for the protection of the Iraqi troops. Prior to each mission in a Iraqi controlled territory, a line of
  7. Hello there, could COE add another BMO Request type for Mission Files? Would be nice to have some type of storage for mission/map related requests that I get through Steam Messages. For how it should look like, this should be sufficient for now: 1. Short Description - Required Briefly state what has to be done/fixed. 2. Issue Type - Required - Report a Bug - Request a Feature - Request a Creation Please note that major changes/features need to go through C-Staff first. 3. Priority - Required - Minor - Breaking
  8. Drop down boxes are not visible in Dark Mode unless you hover over them (For example I can't see the list of Systems unless I hover over them)
  9. Ranks on the ''Recent Profile Visits'' are compressed, which doesn't look very nice
  10. (a) MAP DRAWING.
  11. Website

    94A is listed as part of BMO instead of COE in the About Us section.
  12. Can COE please enable this setting in Server Settings? So that I don't have to wait 3+ minutes just to search for 1 item.
  13. Website

    Seems like on my last request S-2 was ignored while updating ranks, can that be fixed?
  14. Website

    Ranks need to be updated on the Website in certain DMOS. (S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4)
  15. Operation Mission (31052020)