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  1. Waiting for this one to open up (new course 2021).
  2. I have since expanded my trauma kit to include quickclot combat z-bandages. The powder worked great but I’d rather not have to dump that in my own wound and get it water jetted out. Bandages can just be pulled out with fingers/clamps.
  3. This was back in November. Brother in-law was trying to get up into my dump trailer and his foot slipped driving his leg into the latch bracket on the back, tearing open his shin. He comes hobbling over to me and pulls his pant Leg up to show me that freaking out. Blood gushing out so I sit him down and try to clean it up, end up going for the old quick clot powder to stop the bleeding, didn’t need a tourniquet seeing there aren’t any arteries on the front of your shin and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate the pain that comes with one. Slapped a couple of gauze on top and taped it arou
  4. Who was on the ground when that first technical rolled up that the Apache engaged? You got video of how close that shit was?
  5. I could see that from my targeting camera but wasn’t quite sure wtf o was looking at 🤣
  6. *nobody ever records my apache pewpews 😭
  7. Anyone have that majestic airborne tank on camera? I know @WOC R.Paxton was recording.
  8. Chinnok Sling Load Accident.mp4 I'm never letting Lambert pressure me into anything ever again!
  9. They should still be bind-able via the options "addon controls" section.
  10. I’d come patch you up but the repository is destroyed so I can’t load into the server 🤷‍♂️
  11. Just in case you guys want to see what the IRL (gen 1) quick clot looks like, here’s my brother in law’s leg before and after the quickclot I dumped in there and bandaged up was cleaned out:
  12. There Has Been An Update To The 3rdID Modpack Please Download at Your Earliest Convenience Updated: CBA ACE ACEX ACRE RHS
  14. There Has Been An Update To The 3rdID Modpack Please Download at Your Earliest Convenience Updated: CBA Added: ACRE 2 ACRE Backpack Hatchet Framework (UH-60) Interactive UH-60 Anizay Removed: TFAR Wake Island Diyala PLP Containers