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  1. The Alpha Company Award Ceremony is a special occasion occurring monthly to recognize the achievements of 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit Soldiers. This past Sunday, Major John LaFlash presided over the April Ceremony at Fort Irwin National Training Center. Ceremony Notes Alpha Company will deploy with 2IBCT, 3rdID to Agadèz, Niger today! All Soldiers should familiarize themselves with Operation Silver Guardian by watching the intro video and reading about the Operation on the website. Soldiers, keep an eye out for upcomi
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    FIG will post signups ASAP!
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  7. WARNORD 09APR21 1. SITUATION Now over a decade since the ChDKZ defeat at the hands of CDF-NATO coalition forces, Red Star insurgents have begun to operate again along the border with Russia. Civilians report that armed men have been seen at Devil's Castle, which was closed last year by the Chernarussian Ministry of the Interior. Overnight, the Hon. David Dulik, mayor of Grishino, was kidnapped by gunmen who fled north in a olive drab UAZ. Dulik is an outspoken supporter of the CDF. Given the reemergence of Chedaki forces in the area, the Chernarussian government reports it is likely
  8. If I'd known they were going to launch rockets out of 82mm mortar tubes, I would've authorized a tactical nuke.