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  1. Got a few screenshots yesterday playing Antistasi with the guys...
  2. Image credit: U.S. Army Today our nation celebrates Independence Day, marking 244 years of sovereignty and freedom. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, freeing the 13 Colonies from British rule and uniting them into a nation. With the establishment of the United States of America, the Continental Army and state militia were reorganized as the United States Army. Those first American Soldiers provided the strength needed to guarantee our independence in the face of repeated British attempts to deny it. Remembering those early lessons, the Army has stood ready to preserve and defend our country and its freedoms ever since. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Customs and traditions abound in our annual celebration of independence. What began over two centuries ago as a day of patriotic songs and 13-gun salutes has become synonymous with parades, picnics, barbecues, ball games, concerts and fireworks. In spite of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Fort Stewart’s annual Marne Independence Day event will continue with social distancing precautions. Soldiers and authorized DOD ID holders will enjoy an evening of entertainment by the 3ID Rock Band on Donovan Field, followed by a fireworks show. To learn more about the Declaration of Independence, visit the National Archives site: The Declaration of Independence: A History
  3. Great to have you with us! A few more...
  4. Screenshot thread for tonight's Fun Op, Mission: Christmas in July
  5. WARNORD 03JUL20 - Mission: Christmas in July 1. SITUATION A freak arctic storm has suddenly blanketed the northern hemisphere with snow and ice. In view of the Covid-19 lockdowns, summer has come to an end before it even got started. As part of NATO Task Force Goulash, men of the 3rd Infantry Division are stationed at Camp Rivera, located within Joint Base Černi. The Second Chernarussian Civil War has ground to a stalemate, but the Russian line is only a few kilometers to the east, and Moscow is eager to finish what it and the ChDKZ had started over a decade ago. Seeing an opportunity, Russian forces have used the bad weather to conceal troop movements across South Zagoria. Further, Moscow has enlisted NGOs and militants who have been hostile to the US historically. Intelligence reports indicate that several flights of “security guards” flew into Krasnostav Airport overnight. 2. MISSION Several minutes ago, an IDAP outpost in Stary Sobor radioed a request for immediate military assistance. Located within 200m of the front line, it reportedly has come under Russian mortar attack. A 3ID QRF has been ordered to Stary Sobor to secure the outpost. 3. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (a) SPECIAL TEAMS/TASK ORG 1. Alpha CO, 1-2IN, 3ID (NATO TF Goulash) (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT 1. STANDARD US ARMY EQUIPMENT (c) SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 1. STANDARD NATO EQUIPMENT 2. STANDARD CDF EQUIPMENT (d) TIME SCHEDULE 1. STEP BRIEF 1845 2. OSCAR MIKE 1900 4. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (a) Utilize NATO/CDF equipment as necessary. 5. INTEL (a) Map of AO
  6. Screenshot thread for Presence Patrol/Civilian Evacuation...
  7. Screenshot thread for tonight's Fun Op
  8. Ensure you are dressed for battle. Do not be caught looking like a shouravi on the field!
  9. Mission: Remove Shashlyk WARNORD 26JUN20 1. SITUATION Now, seven years into the Soviet occupation of our homeland, the situation is grim. But Afghanis are a proud people, and we never lose faith in God or determination in jihad. In spite of the land mines, helicopters, and poison, we carry on living as we always have. But Brothers, we cannot sit idly, chatting over hot chai while drunken infidels pillage our towns and abuse our families. They are murderers, and they will be vanquished by their own weapons, and more, God willing! We are compelled by faith and love of country to act, we Mujahideen! 2. MISSION Warlord Abdul Rostam, leader of the Mujahideen in the Takistan district, has ordered attacks on several targets tomorrow. After meeting with a CIA officer who pledged support for our cause, he is sure we can defeat the Russians in Takistan. Destroy the Soviet supply column driving from the Loy Manara airbase to the Feruz Abad military post. Destroy the Sagram oil storage depot. RTB and avoid detection. Further mission to follow on radio. 3. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (a) SPECIAL TEAMS/TASK ORG 1. Team Döner, Rostam Clan (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT 1. STANDARD CAPTUREDSOVIET EQUIPMENT (c) SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 1. FIM-92 Stinger x6 (First batch from CIA in Takistan) (d) TIME SCHEDULE 1. STEP BRIEF 1845 2. OSCAR MIKE 1900 4. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (a) FIM-92 Stinger x6 - DEFENSE AGAINST SOVIET AIR ASSETS 5. INTEL (a) Soviet radio intercept Intercepted and triangulated to Loy Manara airbase 26JUN86 @0001H: “Yuri, this is Sasch...I mean, Comrade Tolstoy, this is Bolshoy Malchik! Column proceeds at dawn. Regular route. On way back, we take goats to market. Out.” (b) Map of AO
  10. Image credit: Military Health System This Saturday, June 27, the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs mark National PTSD Awareness Day. In the United States, more than 8 million veterans and civilians suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or over 6% of the population. While each has a history of trauma, every individual’s story is unique. Combat, terrorism, violent crime, abuse, natural disasters, car accidents, and other life-threatening experiences have all contributed to the increase of PTSD in recent years. Research by the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder shows that homeless combat veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq are more likely to suffer from PTSD than Soldiers of previous conflicts. Trauma-related stress affects relationships and jobs, with loved ones and coworkers often feeling unable to help. Problems associated with PTSD can also affect the will to live. The specter of suicide haunts a significant number of veterans today. Identifying Symptoms and Warning Signs Symptoms may start months or even years after the traumatic event, and they sometimes come and go over time. People with PTSD typically develop the following symptoms: — Painful memories, or reliving the trauma (flashbacks) — Edginess, hypervigilance, and/or insomnia — Avoidance of triggers, including activities or situations that used to be enjoyable — Increase in sadness, depression, and/or negative thinking You Can Do Something About it There is real hope. With awareness on the rise, help is more available than ever before. Care is crucial after identifying PTSD. Patients who receive treatment report a higher quality of life than those who avoid care. Seeking social support from family, friends, and others also benefits many patients. Veterans are encouraged to contact the VA for help with PTSD: Active duty/retired personnel with PTSD should schedule an appointment with a primary care manager or mental health provider: Civilians who are experiencing PTSD should speak with their doctor for a referral to a specialist. You can search for local providers here: *** In 2010, the US Senate officially designated June 27 National PTSD Awareness Day. Then, in 2014, the Senate declared June PTSD Awareness Month. To learn more, visit the National Center for PTSD:
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