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  1. Screenshots from tonight's mission in Takistan. Thanks to PFC C.Simpkins for zeusing the op.
  2. WARNORD Fun Op 25SEP20 1. SITUATION Almost five years into the Altian Civil War, the rebel Freedom and Independence Army (FIA) is beginning to collapse. For the past two years, it has suffered one defeat after another in battles against Altian Loyalists and their NATO Coalition allies. A significant FIA garrison remains on Stratis with CSAT support, utilizing the island’s airbase to launch attacks on Altis. The NATO Coalition is launching an invasion of Stratis at 1800H tonight. However, the FIA radar facilities at Air Station Mike-26 pose a substantial threat to NATO air asset
  3. Trainees and Cadre can sign up for this week's OSUT here:
  4. Screenshot thread for tonight's Fun Op...
  5. LOL, they definitely know how to bring the CAS! Happy Brrrrrrt Day, Air Force!
  6. Image credit: US Air Force Today the United States Air Force marks its anniversary, celebrating 73 years of service to our nation. On this date in 1947, the Air Force was founded as a branch of the Department of Defense under the National Security Act. But the roots of American military aviation go back to the beginning of the 20th century. On August 1, 1907, the U.S. Army Signal Corps established the Aeronautical Division, the nation’s first powered aircraft unit. Initially tasked with observation and reconnaissance missions, further flight testing by the unit would reve
  7. Screenshots from tonight's Warrior Wednesday Zeus mission in Kavala...
  8. I just posted an OSUT signup, but the FIG image at the top did not post despite showing in the "draft", if you will. I edited the post and tried copying & pasting to no effect. I ended up having to upload the image.
  9. NOTE: This class has been rescheduled to 19 SEP 20 @1800 EDT Trainees and Cadre can sign up for this week's OSUT here:
  10. WARNORD 18 SEP 20 1. SITUATION The Second Takistani Civil War continues to simmer, yet your team’s efforts have led to a significant decrease in insurgent attacks in and around Zargabad. Regional security stands as an example of what to do. If only the other districts would follow suit. Regardless, Armex is ready for whatever challenges may come. There is little doubt local insurgents are furious at your successes. ISIS Warlord Abu Ali Achmed has put a $25,000 bounty on the head of all Armex Security Solutions personnel in Zargabad. He has also put a hit on Mayor Abdullah Hazza