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  1. Screenshots thread from FTX #9...
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    Signups will be posted one week prior to the course.
  3. Screenshots thread for this week's Fun Op, Mission: Critical Mass...
  4. Mission: Critical Mass WARNORD 26FEB21 1. SITUATION After years of exile in Russia following their failed revolution against the Chernarussian democratic government, the remnants of the ChDKZ have begun to regain some military strength. CDF military intelligence had warned of an eventual reemergence of the Red Star communist insurgency, and it appears the day has come. But in a shocking brief, NATO forces reveal that worse, a ChDKZ commando cell has acquired fissile material and is building either a crude nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb. Stealthily retaking the island of Ute
  5. Screenshots from last night's Fun Op, Mission: High Ground...
  6. WARNORD 19FEB21 MIssion: High Ground 1. SITUATION CSAT forces have seized Malden airbase overnight, threatening to occupy the island. Since Malden has no central government or military, it is easy prey to hostile nations seeking to gain leverage against NATO and western nations in the region. Police and local militia are unprepared to mount a defense of their home, calling for help on CB radios. The neighboring island of Everon has offically requested NATO-led intervention to prevent a takeover of the Malden Islands. U.S. Army Rangers of the 3rd Infantry Division have landed
  7. Screenshots thread for today's FTX...