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  1. Screenshots from tonight's Zeus mission in Chernarus...
  2. WARNORD 27 NOV 20 1. SITUATION Royal Dutch Shell has hired Armex Security Solutions to secure an oil field near al-Rutbah. Located in western Anbar Province, the site is roughly 30km southwest of the town, and 90km east of the Syrian border. Security contractors are to occupy Camp Cluster, an abandoned INA outpost on a large hill overlooking the desert. Alongside the main camp, there is a mortar pit and observation post with good fields of fire all around. The oil field is located roughly half a km north of the outpost, surrounded by otherwise empty desert. ISIS, local
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    Trainees and Cadre can sign up for this week's OSUT here:
  5. Photo credit: Sergeant First Class Justin Naylor, 3rd Infantry Division Today the 3rd Infantry Division celebrates its 103rd birthday. In an early ceremony yesterday, 3ID Commander Major General Antonio Aguto and Command Sergeant Major Quentin Fenderson cut a birthday cake with a saber during a field training exercise at Fort Stewart. The 3rd has a storied history, filled with distinguished service and honor. Soldiers of the Division have earned a combined 56 Medals of Honor, the most of any division in the US Army. Perhaps most famous of its Med
  6. Screenshots from this week's Land Nav course
  7. Screenshots from tonight's Fun Op in Chernogorsk...
  8. Mission: Cave In WARNORD 20NOV20 1. SITUATION An hour ago, a ChDKZ sleeper cell stormed the Mekota factory complex in Chernogorsk and took CEO Pavel Mekota hostage, along with his staff. Chernarussian Police have cordoned the area and attempted to raid the complex, but were repulsed by overwhelming small arms and RPG fires. The hostage takers have threatened to kill the hostages if another breach is made. They are demanding the release of three ChDKZ leaders captured and imprisoned earlier this year, as well as a vehicle and speedboat. 2. MISSION Chernarussian
  9. Trainees and Cadre can sign up for this week's OSUT here:
  10. The Alpha Company Award Ceremony is a special occasion occurring monthly to recognize the achievements of 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit Soldiers. This past Sunday, November 8, Major John LaFlash presided over the November Ceremony at FOB Ironhorse. Ceremony Notes Company Command and Force Improvement Group are holding the following training courses this month: Airborne School, 21st November at 1730Hrs EST Advanced Leaders Course, 18th November at 1530Hrs EST Land Navigation Course, 19th November at 2000Hrs EST Warrior Leaders Course, 25th and 26th N