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  1. MSG J.Rizzo

    Incorrect Uniform Displayed for LOAs

    Its probably due to lack of getting uniform updates by soldier
  2. MSG J.Rizzo

    Official: Meme's Thread

    Im not saying to stop yalls posting there. lol they can participate here as well
  3. MSG J.Rizzo

    Official: Meme's Thread

    lul, maybe you should tell your platoon to post here
  4. MSG J.Rizzo

    Moving up to new version TFAR

    Being told one thing and its doing something else is another thing....
  5. MSG J.Rizzo

    WLC Day 1


    SFC J.Rizzo Signing up to be Co-Instructor
  6. MSG J.Rizzo

    Former LT Randy Olson

    oh my god i remember olson. ill see what i can do!
  7. MSG J.Rizzo

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    Private, If you are free this weekend im pretty i know the issue.
  8. I can provide my assistants on how to do that, very easy.
  9. has anyone attempted to try and uninstalling battle eye and doing a registry clean and reinstalled it?
  10. MSG J.Rizzo

    Moving up to new version TFAR

    going with a beta is a hit or a miss. COE wouldnt want to use an unstable update that could potentially could cause more issues
  11. is there some type of proof of battleye being the root cause? if you can provide a forum link with this issue so COE can look into this
  12. MSG J.Rizzo

    Website: RRO Stickers

    Damn, I love this. sick ass work CPT!