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  1. MSG J.Rizzo

    Windows update causing game performance issues

    Yes you can uninstall it by the method above
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, If are experiencing game performance issues. check to see if you have the update KB4482887 installed on your computer. it will cause a MASSIVE frame rate drop and other reports claimed mouse issues. here is how to find out. If you are running windows 10 Go to your search bar and type appwiz.cpl > Top left hand side click "view installed updates > look for KB4482887 If you do not have the update then you are fine if you do, there is your issue
  3. @W.Blackwell i know what you mean on that man.
  4. MSG J.Rizzo


    A.Co FTX
  5. @W.Blackwell Sheesh look at chu!
  6. MSG J.Rizzo

    Gunslingers Squad Drills

    Second platoon 3rd Squad Drills
  7. MSG J.Rizzo

    Incorrect Uniform Displayed for LOAs

    marking this as resolved
  8. MSG J.Rizzo

    Incorrect Uniform Displayed for LOAs

    Its probably due to lack of getting uniform updates by soldier
  9. MSG J.Rizzo

    Official: Meme's Thread

    Im not saying to stop yalls posting there. lol they can participate here as well
  10. MSG J.Rizzo

    Official: Meme's Thread

    lul, maybe you should tell your platoon to post here