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    Rizzo's build series: The Gaming desktop

    Figured i stop by on this thread to say welp, i found out that my 1080ti was bad from the first day i bought and i said screw it might as well upgrade and use my "retirement money" EVGA 2080Ti 🙂 Edit: i did RMA my 1080ti and got it back and im looking to get rid of it. so if anyone is interested shoot me a message on steam or PM on the website
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    Forum Area Title

  3. SGM J.Rizzo

    Forum Area Title

  4. SGM J.Rizzo

    Teamspeak server tags (Ranks)

    I agree with major on this. I feel as if this would clutter TS
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    Recruitment Drive

    I like the way you have this recruitment thread. maybe we shall implement this RRO wide. once you become a SPC we can talk 😉
  6. SGM J.Rizzo

    Rizzo's build series: The Gaming desktop

    Update. welp i did a thing last night. i finally caved in and reasoned with myself to get a SSD for my games drive. i loaded up insurgency sandstorm server in much much faster time than my HDD. dont know what i didnt do this sooner. btw dont mind the price tag. i didnt pay that price.. gotta love price matching for 🙂
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    OFFICIAL Selfie Thread

    your image is broken
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    Let's Start a Story.....

  9. I figured id share this to whom might be interested. So i received a laptop that needed a OS reinstall and upon my inspection after the install the hard drive was SUPER SUPER slow and was able to get into windows task manager and seen that the HDD was pegged at 100% note, HDD' are not suppose to be at 100 percent. Also noticed that when rebooting the laptop it would hard lock and not get into windows. here is example of one sign Another is downloading a software called CrystalDiskInfo. This software will determine the health status of the drive ( Customer HDD FYI) Hopefully this helps you to further to troubleshoot a bad drive.
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    2LT, you have the same link for both
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    Sandstorm 1.2 release

    Fixed your Post LT to be more readable. but this looks good.
  12. Source:
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    hahahahah im balling on budget