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  1. MSG E.Verhein

    Taking Fire documentary

    I cant watch it! 🤔
  2. MSG E.Verhein

    What's your best gift?

    Didn't get anything but 1sg Jackman takes best gift with zelda!
  3. MSG E.Verhein


    Yes once I get the schedule from them about matches I'll get more info. Just kinda gotta wait for end of this season first
  4. MSG E.Verhein


    We on the waiting list. Season 1 started already so we have to wait for next season. But with this being said I want all of us that plan on playing comp we need to play together and move forward
  5. MSG E.Verhein


    everyone's Welcome I want to put on a real challenge. lets GO 3RDID!
  6. MSG E.Verhein


    Okay Soldiers, AAPG has an official site and comp play active. we will be taking part in this tournament. I would like to see all of our participation from the unit. NOT just our AAPG guys. let win next season and get the 3rdID name back out there. Please respond here is you would like to participation in this competition.
  7. Time of Occurrence: 11-15-2018 18:00EST Users Involved: SFC E.Verhein SGT P.Stowe CPL H.Hannaford Mission/Map: Server Detailed Description: Server grayed out on Server list. Nothings changed on the server settings. Possible license issue? I cant figure it out was trying to reach out to a Dev but have not have good contact yet.