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    1. Hello everyone, This morning I got online to check events, conversations, etc as part of my daily routine. At that time I noticed the Topic on the home page brining awareness to PTSD and immediately wanted to read it to see what was all included. After reading this I could not really find the words to describe how I felt so I thought that maybe just a general topic here I could use as a platform. Myself and quite a bit of my friends deal with PTSD, some of us worse off than others. When I saw the information bulletin and noticed how there was information provided to help Vets, Active Duty, and Civilians alike included with warning signs and so much more information such as the Warrior's Wall it has became apparent to me that the 3rd Infantry Division Milsim Unit is so much more than just a typical gaming community. Being someone who has struggled with PTSD in various forms for the last 6 to 7 Years and never really finding the help I was looking for until much later in my career it can almost seem helpless sometimes, but to know that even here these things are important and people are here to help really put me into a deep thought of what it might mean for other people that have dealt with this to also read that bulletin, So again I wanted to thank everyone for being apart of that and finding a way to reach out to anyone who may be in need of this help.
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