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  1. Additional Flight Drill Training of 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade "Falcons" Alpha Company. https://3rdinf.us/forums/forum/67-3rd-combat-aviation-brigade/ When: Tuesday and Thursday, 1600 EST Where: Training Server 1 Who: Everyone assigned to 3CAB
  2. Hello everyone, This morning I got online to check events, conversations, etc as part of my daily routine. At that time I noticed the Topic on the home page brining awareness to PTSD and immediately wanted to read it to see what was all included. After reading this I could not really find the words to describe how I felt so I thought that maybe just a general topic here I could use as a platform. Myself and quite a bit of my friends deal with PTSD, some of us worse off than others. When I saw the information bulletin and noticed how there was information provided to help Vets, Active Duty, and
  3. Congrats on your promotion Specialist!!


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