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  1. RULES & GUIDELINES During your training as a Warrant Officer Candidate, these are the rules and guidelines you are required to follow. Any infraction can result in the candidates progress prolonging and/or termination from the course. Follow the rules by listening to the training cadre at all times. The rules are are here to keep all cadre and candidates safe, and to provide insight into some questions you may already have. Do not interrupt cadre members when they are actively giving a block of instruction, use "PTS Candidate Lastname" if you have any ques
  2. Additional Flight Drill Training of 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade "Falcons" Alpha Company. https://3rdinf.us/forums/forum/67-3rd-combat-aviation-brigade/ When: Tuesday and Thursday, 1600 EST Where: Training Server 1 Who: Everyone assigned to 3CAB
  3. Hello everyone, This morning I got online to check events, conversations, etc as part of my daily routine. At that time I noticed the Topic on the home page brining awareness to PTSD and immediately wanted to read it to see what was all included. After reading this I could not really find the words to describe how I felt so I thought that maybe just a general topic here I could use as a platform. Myself and quite a bit of my friends deal with PTSD, some of us worse off than others. When I saw the information bulletin and noticed how there was information provided to help Vets, Active Duty, and
  4. Congrats on your promotion Specialist!!


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