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  1. Unable to reproduce: Steps taken: Connect with a new identity to our TS Assign 173rd server group using old identity In Arma 3, connect to Training Server 1 or Training Server 2 TFAR automatically moves you, If you are tabbed out of the game, tab back in to Arma 3 first.
  2. @1LT B.Lambert that is because training schools are under unit channels. Can they not just join whatever game server the school is being hosted on and have TFAR move them into the correct game server's TS channel?
  3. @SPC J.Nichols I don't think we have that one anywhere. You can ask CID to create one in a similar style as the other schools and upload it to the website FTP, not sure if I have shown you the website FTP yet?
  4. @SPC J.Nichols, sounds good. Planning to do it on a calm day like a monday or a tuesday.
  5. Promotion Boards


    Cancelled. A new date will be communicated shortly.
  6. For those signed up for EIB tomorrow, here's a little sneak peek into some of the activities you may partake in if you get far enough 😜: Good luck to those who signed up!
  7. On hold till our next planned MMM (Feb 08, need to push a new version to edit title/description), would be nice to have the pictures by then too.
  8. until
    More info to follow!
  9. until
    More details to follow.
  10. Requires Deschutes to implement it in PERSCOM. We can't modify PERSCOM code.
  11. @1LT B.Lambert, From Deschutes, Aug 11 2020: I have recommended a possible solution with the very limited amount of knowledge I have of the PERSCOM code base, since it's all encrypted and unreadable. We'll see what comes out of it.
  12. Can the correct sizes be supplied?
  13. I have discussed this point before and have also asked deschutes about this a long time ago and this is simply a feature that PERSCOM used to have in their V1 but did not carry over to V2, which is what we use today. Unfortunately this is pure perscom code so it would be very hard to make our own fix for this. We don’t have access to their code. I’ll ask again on the deschutes forums.
  14. All critical images and unit patches are now using a link.