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  1. if anyone wants to donate, I can PM you my paypal 🙂
  2. This page does no longer exist. Link removed from TS channel.
  3. Dark theme has been adjusted to work with the new IPS version. Dark theme has been out for a while and this post has gone stale. Going to close this megathread and have COE requests for individual items again.
  4. This is a pretty big request and will be completed when COE gets reinforced or when I can dedicate more time.
  5. Seems like it is now also able to run on the operation server?
  6. SGT Sklenar actually set all servers with the exception of public and realism to start on mission selection screen. Which makes the most sense for these servers. Any member (non-admins too) can vote for a mission in a 20 second timeout.
  7. Negative, C-Staff and COE both have equal unrestricted access to all modules and applications: