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  1. Any way to go and update back?
  2. N.Moreira

    WLC Day 1


    Can't make it to day 2 because of guard duty, would like private or later session.
  3. I will tell a guy from my fireteam to try that and see how it goes
  4. I will tell a guy from my fireteam to try that and see how it goes
  5. This is a common thing in Arma 3. I'm on vacation otherwise I'd show you examples on the game screen when somebody gets kicked BC the battleye of the server - client battleye not being able to verify themselves to one another.
  6. Old service members could still join and teamkill everyone, yet they don't. Plus, changing the password every month, instead of every week, seems doable to me.
  7. I'd love to give you a timetable for this to start as much as you'd love playing it. However, as os visible on my service Record, I am LOA until February and cannot work on this any further before I return. Thanks for the interest shown and feel free to make any suggestions.
  8. Firstly, let me apologize for the late reply as I had to spend the week in a neighboring unit of mine and the days were pretty filled with work. Secondly, as I've conversated with CPT Cantu before, this is in an embrio stage and I don't want to rush this, some testing on both member attendance and mission dynamics need to be done before commiting a unit asset. Nevertheless, I thank everyone's support, specially that of command staff and COE, for your suggestions and availability of the necessary resources that will definetily be used in the future after we're done with the issues on point 2.
  9. N.Moreira

    How do the polls look?

    Much better now, Captain. At least in my opinion.
  10. N.Moreira

    Approved ArmA 3 Public Server

    Allow the players in Public Server to vote a mission, since everytime people actually want to play on it there's no mission loaded and nobody that bears the PW is online to change it.
  11. Please post any questions, comments and suggestions.
  12. N.Moreira

    How do the polls look?

    Captain, the way we have it right now looks like the post is a comment after the poll. If I'm not mistaken, before we had it so the poll and the content tab would be in the same window, both highlighted and bigger than the comment windows.
  13. Hello, guys and gals! Today I come to you with a poll about something that has been my wish for a long time. In this post I will explain what our idea is, how we will execute it and how you can also give a helping hand if you're available and like what you see. We want to spend more time playing the ArmA 3 game and in themes that have more diversity than just modern day combat - we would like to take the path less travelled in this unit and play a campaign, weekly, with the Second World War as a theme. The campaigns are supposed to last less than eight weeks but more than three so the players can get a sense of accomplishment without getting easily bored. We are also considering running a persistant 1944 liberation for the more hardcore players that would like to take arms more than one day per week and that might evolve to where we have enough active people to make it a biweekly event. We have a setup mod collection on Steam that is around18Gb (mods we already use in the 3rd ID) while still containing a lot of wiggle room for our intentions. A server will be hosted by SPC E.Piispanen until we, hopefully, develop something more permanent, but we feel that it has the necessary capability to host a weekly event (server was tested by running Antistasi). UPDATED 30NOV18: The collection is available in steam workshop if you want to give it a look: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1371358073 The missions wil,l of course, count with the help of Zeus (looking at you, people that love to be the master in Zeus) and we're always looking for experienced people to help us with that. Mission making, in general, is also one of the areas we will need help, although with our knowledge of WW2 and content available the initial missions shouldn't be to hard for us to pump out. Thanks for reading and I hope to fight alongside you in France; on the oceans and seas, in the air, on the beaches, on the landing grounds, on the fields, in the streets and on the hills!
  14. N.Moreira

    How do the polls look?

    The fact that, previously, you could create a poll within a post would make for better informed questions (with the aid of text and images) and therefore answers closer to the truth or personal opinion of the voter.