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    Lets go pikachu/evee

    its on nintendon switch
  2. have it and want to trade?
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    A.Bee : About me

    I'm Angie Bee... A streamer, in CID, RRO , and FIG. Been on loa because of brain aneurysm back of the back of the head. It effect my left side but it won't stop me playing games. I'm getting stronger everyday. I will stronger to play with y'all. "Live your life!" Don't let no one control (except your under 18 not finished school. Listen to your parents)
  4. What book are you are reading? I'm reading "Divided We Fall". It's about a 17 year old boy in the army reserves. It is pretty good. There is characters remind me of few people in the unit. It's by Trent Reedy! It is kinda teen book but a good one.