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  1. Website

    I have found another bugg , after discussing it with SGT J.Drake i had to made this post.
  2. Currently tpr can only been seen by SL's and above , i would love to see that TL's get acces to view tpr's aswell since its their teammembers , i found it very anoying as a TL that i had to ask my SL about my own team if anyone tpr'd , therefore i like to suggest that this gets changed so TL's can vieuw tpr's , not only will they have a better vieuw on the ammount of soldiers they have , they also know who is goin to show up in absence of their SL .
  3. Website

    It would be really nice to give teamleaders the permission to vieuw tpr's , as of now they have to ask the Squad leader to know if someone in their team is tpr'ing. not everyone sends a msg to their TL when they put in tpr , if a squad leader is excused for an event than the TL's can see who tpr'd .
  4. Hooah! big donos this month 😄
  5. HOOAH! This month barely started and the bills have been paid allready!
  6. Marteeen3600
  7. There was still a liberation template on the server and it still works we changed to that, but it would be really nice if people would stop using the realism server as a test server since this is the only server being used during the week , we have 3 servers being idle during the week , i'd suggest using the realism server only as the realism server
  8. we have been playing on the same map .... same template for a while now on the realism server , we are getting a bit bored of the map as of this time. can we get a new map on there? back in the day we used to have Liberation running on the realism and i'd love to see that one make a return.
  9. @SSG B.Lambert its not abuse if they consent
  10. I get this both on my mobile and pc emails , i cannot see any text being posted and or status(completed,On Hold ,.... )updates.
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