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  1. Spartan Squad Drills socially distanced RTB and Debrief.
  2. When you click the FAQ link in the R&R Server TeamSpeak channel, the link takes you to the webpage, but doesn't connect to the proper page. it gives an error stating the item i was looking for couldn't be found.
  3. Thank you everyone!!! I couldn't do all of this without all of you! all this training and advice has served me well and I hope to continue down this path!
  4. I'm Available most days of the week. I'm only on later in the night though. like 1830 or later.
  5. Way to go Agricola!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  6. Lol. I mean yeah, but you definitely still need to see a dentist.
  7. Final stage of fake teeth and the starting of it. In the last photo, the tooth is really brittle and breaks / chips easily. The first photo is after it's been heated up in a mini kiln oven. A little harder to break than real teeth. The stabilizer on the back is to support the bridge while it cooks.
  8. Was waiting for something at the time of this photo. Could have been the Lady, Food, or just got home. lol