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  1. MAJ A.Cantu

    [Approved] Website: RRO Stickers

    What do you mean by multiple text inputs? The issue with custom buttons adding extra things is that a. it has to be available everywhere in the system and b. if there is an update all custom buttons get deleted and we have to reinstall them. It's one of the downfalls of IPB. I've asked that perscom have the automatic posts added like we had in a previous update before the text box was added.
  2. MAJ A.Cantu

    Website Bug/issue thread

    Are you adding a soldier manually or processing an application?
  3. MAJ A.Cantu

    [Approved] ArmA 3 Public Server

    Approved. Will submit COE ticket for implementation.
  4. MAJ A.Cantu

    Website Bug/issue thread

    Should be fixed now, thanks!
  5. MAJ A.Cantu

    [Approved] Website: Text entry

    This has now been implemented.
  6. MAJ A.Cantu

    PERSCOM Update 15NOV18

    Forgot to add, more to come!
  7. MAJ A.Cantu

    PERSCOM Update 15NOV18

    Soldiers! There has been an update pushed out for the PERSCOM system. There are a lot of improvements with this update, and hopefully some will improve your experience. Most of these are geared towards the management side, so those of you in BMO, CID, and CSTAFF will be affected. There were a lot of changed to how the system displays data, so if you find that something isn't showing up correctly, or is missing now, please reply to this thread to let me know so I can investigate. Added Service, Combat and Assignment records search has been upgraded and is more powerful. Searching will now search through the record text as well. When editing a promotion, demotion, or award, you can now edit the service record text as well. You can now process multiple promotions, demotions and awards at once through the "Add Service Record" form. RRO - When updating application status, you can now add content directly from within adminCP. This note displays both in the "Manage Application" section the applicant can access, as well as automatically posts it into the forum post as a reply. Changed The Activity Tracker and Personnel Action Request menu links have been moved around in the adminCP. They are now their own individual modules which will allow for expansion in the future. Assignment, Combat and Service records have also been confined to one module which has also caused them their menu links to be arranged under a single Records tab. Assignment Record search bug has been fixed. There is no more "batch" operations for service and combat records. When you click the Add Service Record/Combat Record, you can either select one soldier or multiple. Most of these changes are fairly self explanatory, however I will be working on updating/creating the documentation pages for these functions. Feel free to contact me if you need help.
  8. MAJ A.Cantu

    [Dropped] Autorefresh Forums

    Most everything that is cached is refreshed at the 5 minute interval. This saves resources on the server. Don't really see a need for most items to be refreshed more often than that. When viewing posts, ajax does give you notifications of replies. If you get PM or notifications, those pop up almost instantly via ajax also. If you just want to monitor activity, check the activity stream, it auto refreshes.
  9. MAJ A.Cantu

    Useful utility programs.

    MSI Afterburner
  10. MAJ A.Cantu

    Website: Processing Issue

    Soldier was able to be processed correctly?
  11. MAJ A.Cantu

    CID requests broken

  12. MAJ A.Cantu

    [Resolved] Muster In

    I've updated the system to allow reporting in after 24 hours. However policy still stands that we report in weekly, on Sunday. Test and let me know if it works!
  13. Looking great. I'll see if I can find a pic of mine.
  14. If you encounter any bugs or issues with the new website, reply here with the details so we can track and work on fixes. Current known / pending issues: Some flags missing from personnel files/personnel list. If your flag is missing, please comment below. Personnel list sorting by member ID instead of rank. Resolved: Can't edit some soldiers if they have a Uniform uploaded in adminCP.