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  1. He is able to join voice.teamspeak.com but not ours
  2. When I last spoke with him, there was no error message. He just kept getting "failed to connect to server" each time he tried. Just sent him a steam message.
  3. I will try to get with him this evening and give that a shot.
  4. That is what is throwing both of us off on cause. I use that link and now you and I am sure many others use without a problem, but why would someone get that even after restarting the computer (IT 101, restarting computer fixes everything lol)
  5. The exact link he is referring to is teamspeak.3rdinf.us which I took straight out of my bookmarks which I use to connect with all the time.
  6. CPL W.Blackwell

    PFC B.Burke donation of 50.00 USD

    Thank you PFC Burke.
  7. CPL W.Blackwell

    UH-60M Interactive Blackhawk

    Hi Chief, How goes it on this little side project you have? Still making good progress?
  8. CPL W.Blackwell

    Steering Torwards the Future

    Well here is something we can all chew on, Saturdays and Sundays already seem crowded for ARMA. But try to find a core group and get something going for mid-week. For starters, nothing to formal but just getting together and attempt to accomplish a mission or side missions on the server. Then as turn out improves, expand upon that. Sometimes starting with small can develop into something bigger. This would also allow for informal training time for all levels or letting an up and coming FTL to actually start learning to be an FTL or for FTL's to step into Squad Lead position to begin learning. When I was saying something about using PM, I was meaning as the start of it. This way it allows for questions to certain areas to be raised that you might have unintentionally overlooked or was not aware of. That way it you have a better presentation, consider the PM as your proofreaders. Could do something up in Google Docs then send link to your select few and then set a date/time to get on TS to discuss it is also a possibility. I was just mostly trying to figure out how you could do things (well not just you but anyone who might have a possible idea that we might be interested in) so that it doesn't get shot down due to way things got conveyed.
  9. CPL W.Blackwell

    Steering Torwards the Future

    PFC Conlisk, with things like this it might be better served in a small group PM. For starters like between Squad Leaders and Platoon Staff so that it can be discussed and fine tuned before presenting it to company staff. But start with your CoC so that you have the sounding board to help get things lined out a ready to present. When you come straight to the forums and post several layers up (ie Suggestion Box) instead of utilizing your platoon area. It might give the impression you are trying to force change when that might not be your intentions at all. I understand what you are getting at in your OP, and to a point I agree with some. The biggest problem that we run into is consistent turn out. When it is the same small group of people, it is hard to plan big fun events that where happening say like a year ago. So maybe something that will work for our current size can be looked at that can add just as much value and fun to get more active participation should be considered.
  10. Hello Cpl Blackwell, 

    Is being a part of another clan that doesn't play arma 3 or ins sandstorm an issue?


    Thank you,

    Jeff Szymanski

    1. CPL W.Blackwell

      CPL W.Blackwell

      Not sure, that is why I wanted input from Command Staff that way I don't make a bad call on something that may or may not be an issue.

    2. Jeff Szymanski

      Jeff Szymanski

      ok thank you.

  11. CPL W.Blackwell

    PVT S.Alter : About Me

    Welcome to the unit PVT Alter.
  12. CPL W.Blackwell

    Forum Area Title

    Could I get First Squad (1/3/A/1-3rdID) "Jesters" to say First Squad (1/3/A/1-3rd) "Crusaders? Thank you, CPL Blackwell
  13. CPL W.Blackwell

    Recruitment Drive

    You forgot to say anything about the Pub-A-Thon
  14. CPL W.Blackwell

    PFC P.Conlisk donation of 100.00 USD

    Thank you.
  15. CPL W.Blackwell

    4th of July - PUB A THON - 1300EST

    encourage fellow streamers to join and indicate that they are streaming for this a well