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  1. For historical information: Based on PM discussion with LT Conlisk, SGT Lambert was hired as Drill Sergeant instead of Drill Instructor.
  2. I have always liked units/clans/what-ever that do something like this. It does give an over all overview of past happenings without reading a bunch of forums postings to get a vibe of what has gone on. But like the Major and LT point out, very time consuming and would require a lot of dedication while not crossing the line of burnout and/or frustration of not receiving the required input on time. Given what you put in the initial post is covered by the Home Page news or Calendar, it is hard for me to see a need of it right not but then right now might be the best time to start the redevelopment of the 3rd ID newsletter. Here is my first suggestion for the news letter, while message for CO should be there. How about a rotating message from other command staff personnel to all those assigned to 3rd ID??
  3. Congratulations to all those who received an award.
  4. Congratulations to all those who received an award.
  5. Info for our future Website Admin. Exact location may depend on directory structure for the website. Example of the code changes: Currently 813 <label class="ipsFieldRow_label" for="content_field_26">Steam Username</label> 819 <span class="ipsFieldRow_desc">Please enter your steam username.</span> Requested Change <label class="ipsFieldRow_label" for="content_field_26">Combat Unit</label> <span class="ipsFieldRow_desc">Example - Alpha Company, First Platoon, First Squad </span> Could also use the following as it puts everyone as "Fireteam Member" <li class='ipsFieldRow ipsClearfix '> <label class='ipsFieldRow_label' for='content_field_XX'> Combat Position </label> <div class='ipsFieldRow_content'> <input type="text" name="content_field_XX" value="" id="elInput_content_field_XX"> <br> <span class='ipsFieldRow_desc'> Please enter your Combat Position.
  6. Need the template that soldiers use for XML request be updated. Their Steam name isn't important but combat unit can be put in the spot instead.
  7. At this point, I will consider this complete. If something changes and you can provide link then please resubmit a request.
  8. By using archive.og (aka the wayback machine) I came up with a few things but, not much other that a couple of promotions and awards. Original enlistment and discharge dates are lost to the sands of time. https://web.archive.org/web/20181008122929/http://3rdinf.us/

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