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  1. The Expert Infantryman Course is mostly a qualification event. Soldiers are tested and expected to demonstrate proficiency in all warrior tasks. Soldiers are tested on land navigation, weapons qualifications, call for fire, basic first aid, battle drills, map reading and range estimation among others. The Expert Infantryman Badge is extremely tough and only those who graduate from the gruelling four-hour course may wear the badge. The following Soldiers have successfully completed Expert Infantryman Course Class 21-01: True Blue Graduates: Sergeant David Sklenar Specialist Jere
  2. Photo credit: U.S. Army During Ceremony this past Sunday, Major John LaFlash announced several new leadership assignments in Alpha Company. The following Soldiers have been promoted to: First Lieutenant Bailey Lambert - Platoon Leader: Despite the great difference in timezone compared to most of our Soldiers, Lieutenant Lambert dedicates himself to maintaining and improving the 3rd Infantry Division both on and off the field. After a year and a half of time in service with the 3ID, Lieutenant Lambert went from buck Private to Officer and he will tell you himse
  3. Happy Holidays everyone! As per usual at this time of year we have a small break that Command has dubbed “Exodus”. It is at this time members of the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit can spend time with their loved ones over the break and not be focused on the Unit. However, for those that still have the time and will there will be a TvT event which is marked on the Calendar. Calendar Event link These Wargames have a variety of mission objectives that we do not always come across on the weekend. Such objectives included in the TvT Wargames are as follows: HVT Rescue, FOB Defense, an
  4. Happy Holidays!

    Year 2020 has certainly been a different year for everybody around the world. Coronavirus has swept through and changed so many lives and this holiday some may be more lonelier than others due to social distancing. We here at Public Affairs urge you to follow up on the news regarding holiday guidelines in your local area and be safe. But above all concerns, we hope you have a Happy Holiday this year. As some of you may know, Hanukkah begins today on December 10th. It’s at this time during the evening that Jews light the first candle on their menorah to officially begin the celebrations.
  5. With the 3rd ID’s recent growth of new Soldiers in our ranks, Major John LaFlash has ordered the reactivation of 4th Squad Phoenix. Phoenix carries with it experienced leadership and some new up and coming leaders in the platoon. I recently interviewed the leadership of 4th Squad Phoenix and here is what they had to say… Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci, Squad Leader: Question - What are your thoughts about Phoenix as a whole and how will you overcome the challenges ahead? “I think Phoenix is going to be a great addition to the platoon but it doesn't come without a challenge for me. Eve
  6. Soldiers, The 3rd Infantry Division will be running a contest for the Unit Banner on the website. Dimensions for the banner are 900x200px. The winner’s banner will be displayed on the website until further notice. We encourage you to post on the corresponding forum link below to collaborate and vote between one another. If you believe you have the ability to partake in this unit-wide event, by all means contribute. All we ask is that you follow the proper dimensions, keep it looking professional and not to bash a fellow Soldier’s banner. Best of luck, gentlemen! Hooah! Link for
  7. On this day, November 11, the United States along with most other countries acknowledge the service and sacrifice of our men and women in the Armed Services. Veteran’s Day began on November 11, 1919 in honor of those who served and died during World War One. During this time November 11 was labeled as Armistice Day but during 1954 the day to honor those was renamed to Veteran’s Day to more formally include those who have served beyond World War One. We here at the 3rd Infantry Division would like to personally thank those who are serving and who have served prior for defending our nation’
  8. October 26th is the National Day of the Deployed in the United States. Each year since 2006 servicemen and women are recognized on this day for their service and their families sacrifices while their loved one is deployed. The National Day of the Deployed was founded in North Dakota when a servicemember’s cousin requested such a day to North Dakota’s Governor, John Hoevento. Since then, every year, North Dakota honors this day and by 2012 the entire nation joined in on honoring the Deployed. There are several ways if you are a servicemember or a family member of someone in service to cont
  9. Recently Squad released version 1.0 and is now out of Early Access. Currently there is a sale going on on Steam for 25% off so pick it up while you can. Myself and several others of Spartans have played rounds of Squad during these past couple days and it was a lot of fun. After discussing the benefits of having a squad of friends while playing Squad, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the 1.0 release to all of the 3rd ID. Spartans would love to have more members of the 3rd in game so we could actually win a game for a change.🤣 Myself and others are hoping that Squad could be
  10. No problem, sir. Glad to do my part. o7
  11. Gold Star Mother’s Day began in the United States in 1936. Every last Sunday of September since then when a service member dies while on duty a Gold Star lapel button is issued to the surviving family members of the fallen service member. This allowed members of the fallen’s community to know the price their family had paid for service to their country. When a son or daughter of a parent joins the US Armed Forces during times of hostilities their mother receives a service flag with a blue star. In the event their child dies in the line of duty a gold star is given to the mother of the fal
  12. National POW/MIA Recognition Day is held on the third Friday of September every year since its indoctrination in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. This event is usually held at the Pentagon and holds members of every branch with high ranking officials present as well as lower enlisted. While the most formal event is held at the Pentagon, POW/MIA Recognition Day is often observed across the country as well as at foreign based military installations. According to DPAA (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency) the most recent MIA’s are from 1986 in Libya through Operation Iraqi Freedom. Three servic
  13. Remembering 9/11

    September 11, 2001. A day that would later define a country and its policies for a generation. For those of us who were old enough to remember, on this day we distinctly remember where we were when we heard of the second airliner that collided with the World Trade Center in NYC. I, as a New Yorker, remember it well. I was in class and a teacher rolled in a television with an antenna and switched on the news. It was an image I would never forget. The World Trade Center engulfed in flames and later the collapse that buried 2,763 New Yorkers in rubble and ash. The carnage would not end in Ne
  14. The United States Marine Corps has a well known reputation of being an elite fighting force that will rival any modern nation’s army. It is because of these brave men and women who we call Marines that our nation is secure and free from terror. Many are familiar with the Marines but there are those within the Corps that also deserve our thanks and that is the lesser known Marine Forces Reserve. The Marine Forces Reserve was founded on August 29, 1916 under a Congress passed Naval Appropriations Act which is responsible for mission ready Reservist Marines to serve both foreign and domestic
  15. Thank you, sir. It was a pleasure researching and writing.