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  1. W.Fives

    New Ace Options

    It wasnt denied wasnt it. Getting in contact with 173rd to ask for more details
  2. W.Fives

    New Ace Options

    @1SG E.GilmoreI think it is ACE but modified. It must have ace combat rhspbo
  3. Doesnt matter how many times you get back in, the server itself crashes and switches back to fricking waiting status
  4. Just get on training server 1 and select a map. Wait 5-10mins then. This issue lasts for over 2 months already. But I observed it wasnt reported
  5. That'ss the thing. We have no idea why is it happening. It just disconnects everyone from the server and the server is moving back to creating status *servers
  6. Time of Occurrence: All the time Users Involved: Alpha Company Mission/Map: The server itself Detailed Description: The ArmA servers keep crashing. All of them. Shortly after the creating status goes on playing. TS1 crashes every 2 times before it can work
  7. W.Fives

    DMOS required to get SPC

    I would also like to suggest to make an exception, if this idea is accepted, for the people who irl serve at the moment in the military, keeping the one month required and to be active duty irl.
  8. W.Fives

    DMOS required to get SPC

    I want to suggest to bring back the requirement to have a DMOS in the order a PFC can ve approved for promotion to SPC. As we all know, we lack personnel for game, meaning for the DMOS part even more. It will encourage people to join a DMOS and also the unit can be developed better with more people. Also there d a catch: you get kicked from the knly DMOS you had, you go back to PFC. I'm suggesting this because within alpha company, ghosts do the majority of DMOS work and they dont feel quite good about it.
  9. W.Fives

    New Ace Options

    I would like to suggest such ace options, like digging trenches in more than 2 ways and implent Do Push-ups option. The push-up are good for some lil' ol' roleplay while the trenches are better digged:
  10. W.Fives

    PAO Meeting 16:30 EST

    We will discuss here the plans for the next month. @LTC J.LaFlash @CPT A.Cantu @CPT D.Cantu @SGT I.Delgado @SPC J.Bolten @PFC M.Marks @SPC J.Ryan @SPC E.Piispanen
  11. W.Fives

    FIG Meeting

    What hour?
  12. W.Fives

    PAO Meeting

    We will have a general PAO meeting to know each other better, plan the activity for November, dispatch possible tasks and ideas. If you can make it, RSVP. If you cannot make it please reply to event as comment.