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  1. I have only one problem 3x WW2 Fun Op Fridays and 2x Our standard Fun Op Fridays 5 WEEKS?
  2. Huh, alright must've glitched for me
  3. Oh alright, its my votes from before being deleted, I got those 2 because I voted twice today but they did not come up
  4. Hello, I seem to be having a problem my clanlist votes go down even though I have voted, twice. I on Friday last week had 11 votes and voted each day which would be 14 today, but it seems it has not accounted for my votes. it did not show 14, nor even 13 but has suddenly gone down 2! Its a tad annoying and I am wondering if I am not understanding or its a issue. Thank you!
  5. Our Radios will be 100, and we will have UH-60s equipped with Fries. Our weapons will be Standard Standard arma 3 gendarmerie gear
  6. Objective A situation has developed on the Beleric Islands. Insurgent Force from Syria, Libya, and remnants from Iraq have coalesced off a Libyan Port Khammash Port. They 2 Weeks ago stormed it for unknown reasons. However yesterday, a whole fleet a PT Sized boats sallied out and headed to an unknown area, until today. They have stormed the beaches of the Spanish Beleric islands and than scattered across the island, and striking Spanish Airports and Ports. Theorized to stop enemy reinforcements! The National Gendarmerie, French national police force has been deployed to Crush them. Their
  7. Orsini did not use a SPG-9 to kill a T-34 nor a TOW-Bunker buster on a ZSU Truck.
  8. This will be a TVT For the end of the month. Their will be 2 Games we will play for about 2-3 Hours in length. This will be held at 18:00 (6 PM) EST.
  9. Operation Wounded Steel - Google Docs