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  1. they told me on the tfar discord that the new version is much more stable
  2. Devs told me on tfar discord thats its currently even more stable then 0.9.12 because of all the patches they done
  3. Why dont we go up to the new version of tfar 1.10.310?
  4. Im thinking of doing a dutch campaign, the idea is that the 43 mechanized brigade of the dutch army linked up with the 3rd id to do a joint campaign and get the dutch informant Giel Romeen out of Takistan and he reveals intel about a terrorist called Abdul Rahme in iraq and we have to capture him and take the cities in between us and him and make them safezones, After we have taken all cities we attack at full force and take him alive to pay for his crimes
  5. Could we add Acoustic Guitar Mod to the modpack for some roleplay stuff or some fun???