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  1. For people that dont like the default sounds of TFAR, somebody made more realistic style sounds Sounds Download/ Install Guide Hope i helped some people, wanting to get more realistic! J.Samuels
  2. Some things are wrong in the personnel Files, the sorting of people is a little bit incorrect
  3. PFC J.Samuels

    [Denied] Tactical Beards

    I saw guys having beards while in the us army, atleast i saw it in some movies like lone survivor and american sniper.
  4. PFC J.Samuels

    [Denied] Tactical Beards

    Could we add Tactical beards to the modpack??
  5. PFC J.Samuels

    [Dropped] Autorefresh Forums

    Ahh okay
  6. PFC J.Samuels

    [Dropped] Autorefresh Forums

    Maybe a autorefresh function for the forum posts and users online, so it does not show users online that are offline , five minutes later
  7. PFC J.Samuels

    Useful utility programs.

    ItCatcher. Usefull for the beginning IT students, one down is that u can only get it online, and its not sold anymore, comes from 2015
  8. PFC J.Samuels

    Official what is your gaming lounge looking like?

    Its not finished yet, going to get some more led strips and like cablehiders