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  1. Im thinking of doing a dutch campaign, the idea is that the 43 mechanized brigade of the dutch army linked up with the 3rd id to do a joint campaign and get the dutch informant Giel Romeen out of Takistan and he reveals intel about a terrorist called Abdul Rahme in iraq and we have to capture him and take the cities in between us and him and make them safezones, After we have taken all cities we attack at full force and take him alive to pay for his crimes
  2. Could we add Acoustic Guitar Mod to the modpack for some roleplay stuff or some fun???
  3. it could be handy if we had a phone app for 3rd id so we could look at the forums and also get something new is posted
  4. For people that dont like the default sounds of TFAR, somebody made more realistic style sounds Sounds Download/ Install Guide Hope i helped some people, wanting to get more realistic! J.Samuels
  5. I would like to too, but im in europe and also never played the game
  6. Some things are wrong in the personnel Files, the sorting of people is a little bit incorrect
  7. I saw guys having beards while in the us army, atleast i saw it in some movies like lone survivor and american sniper.
  8. Could we add Tactical beards to the modpack??
  9. Maybe a autorefresh function for the forum posts and users online, so it does not show users online that are offline , five minutes later
  10. ItCatcher. Usefull for the beginning IT students, one down is that u can only get it online, and its not sold anymore, comes from 2015
  11. Its not finished yet, going to get some more led strips and like cablehiders
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