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  1. Looks like that operation is going to be 💥💥 ! I love the video, very good job !!
  2. Yep it's called a "Pause tactique" in french, but you would not understand.
  3. You deserve this honor corporal ! You are one of the people that made me love this unit, and 3rd squad when I was still in !
  4. Hooah to all of you ! Lead us to victory !
  5. Here are some pictures of your OSUT class @RCT J.Culvey, @PVT G.Foti, @PVT K.Holmes, @PVT J.Calvo. You might be new, or returning to the unit, but remember that OSUT is the beginning of a new chapter. This is a souvenir that you may look back to, to remember where you started. Always look forward, and never forget what you went through. I wish you good luck for the future. Hooah !
  6. Happy birthday to the USA Marine Corps. I have a lot of respect for all serviceman of this corps, may they be from the past, the present or the future. May the marine corps live 245 years more, at least !
  7. I can see myself, fresh as always. Some more here