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    1. @RET E.Abel The come back ????!!!!!????!!!!
    2. Last week I made a post about the GRAD Sling Helmet bug the some of our recruits and active members have. This bug seems to be bigger than I expected and can occur with some different mods. The bug is occurs when you use the auto-configuration file before updating the mods you already have in the steam download tab. If you don't update your mods before using the auto-config, it downloads the new version without deleting the old version files if the name has been changed. Anyway, you guys don't care about that. EXAMPLES HOW TO FIX IT Via the game launcher, right click on the mod you want to fix and click OPEN FOLDER. Then you'll have open the ADDONS folder and delete all the files that exists in two versions and keep the newer. Do the same manipulation in the KEYS folder, you should have only one file remaining after the manipulation. For more explanations : If you still have issues, contact me via discord or ask help from a FIG/RRO member (for recruits). CPL P.Liwa, 94A, Corps of Engineers.
    3. If you are having problems loading in the server with the following error, here is the guide to fix it. This error is due to an update of GRAD Sling Helmet on the 24 JUN 2021 where the author renamed the files and Arma has sometimes forgot to delete the old ones. You can not fix this bug by repairing/deleting the mod (no clue why). HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM 1. Find GRAD Sling Helmet in your Arma 3 Launcher 2. Do a Right Click and click Open Folder 3. Get in the folder 4. Go to Addons And make sure you only have two files named : if you have a file called "grad_slingHelmet" instead of "grad_slingHelmet_main", delete it, don't be afraid. Same for the bisign file. 5. Go back once, and go the Keys folder And make sure you have only one file, not two, not three, ONE SINGLE FILE (with the following name or HIGHER version) : 6. Now, you can just go back to the launcher and hit PLAY If it does not fix your problem, send me a message via Discord. Special thanks to @SPC T.Pearson for helping me on this and providing me the screenshots in english. CPL P.Liwa, 94A, Corps of Engineers.
    4. To fix this bug : - Update your GPU Drivers - Repair your mod in the Arma 3 Launcher