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  1. Can we revive this? This seems like an amazing idea. I'm down to host a couple of missions, see how it goes for the unit.
  2. CPL J.Ryan

    Taking Fire documentary

    It's fun that people in the US can't watch a US documentary 😄 Try using a VPN
  3. CPL J.Ryan

    Incorrect Uniform Displayed for LOAs

    That is because, when we were transitioning over to the new website, our workforce was limited and we had to focus on Active Soldiers first. But then, they just remained there, because they can request a uniform update/creation when/if they come back from LOA.
  4. CPL J.Ryan

    D.McKenzie: About Me

    Hooah, glad to see you back!
  5. CPL J.Ryan

    Official: Meme's Thread

    Saddest meme of 2019. Press F in chat
  6. CPL J.Ryan

    Moving up to new version TFAR

    The 1.10.310 version is a beta version. I would not advise to go up to a BETA version.
  7. I really don't think that old service really care about coming in and hacking that much, tbf.
  8. I want to propose this because the last ftx has been full of crashes due to BattlEye client not responding. As the title says, I propose it to be removed both serverside and clientside. One reason would be that the server is passworded and requires mods which are not available to everyone (for example the 3rd ID modpack) Second reason would be that during the time we use the server, we have admin staff present so IF anyone would be cheating (which I highly doubt it), they'd be banned from the server and discharged immediately. One pro argument to this is that it would increase performance server side and client side.
  9. CPL J.Ryan

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    1st of all, you don't need to "bump" your post 2nd of all, i think everyone is tired of Takistan.
  10. CPL J.Ryan

    Immersion Cigs - Arma 3

    Hello everyone, I'd like to suggest a new addition to our modpack. This is a small mod, nothing big, but it adds to the realism part we've been working on so much. Because, how many soldiers that smoke during missions are there? Or before the mission? Or hell, even after, at the debrief. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753946944
  11. CPL J.Ryan

    Were are the WarThunder people at.

    Apparently, me too, @CPL J.Bolten
  12. CPL J.Ryan

    Were are the WarThunder people at.

    I'll apply for it, @2LT M.Carter!
  13. Any status on this, @CPL N.Moreira? I'd love to play some WW2 missions 😄
  14. This is your friendly neighbourhood Clerk talking to you. I've seen some people play WarThunder and I've even played WarThunder with a couple of you. Are there any more WarThunder players? If yes, please add me: Sgt_Ryan23 (currently I'm BR 3.7 in American tanks, 2.3 in German and 1.3 in Italians). And let's go for a squad where we show people what it means to be 3rd ID even in other games 😄
  15. CPL J.Ryan

    Lets go pikachu/evee

    For what game?