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  1. CPL J.Ryan

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    1st of all, you don't need to "bump" your post 2nd of all, i think everyone is tired of Takistan.
  2. CPL J.Ryan

    Immersion Cigs - Arma 3

    Hello everyone, I'd like to suggest a new addition to our modpack. This is a small mod, nothing big, but it adds to the realism part we've been working on so much. Because, how many soldiers that smoke during missions are there? Or before the mission? Or hell, even after, at the debrief. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753946944
  3. CPL J.Ryan

    Were are the WarThunder people at.

    Apparently, me too, @CPL J.Bolten
  4. CPL J.Ryan

    Were are the WarThunder people at.

    I'll apply for it, @2LT M.Carter!
  5. Any status on this, @CPL N.Moreira? I'd love to play some WW2 missions 😄
  6. This is your friendly neighbourhood Clerk talking to you. I've seen some people play WarThunder and I've even played WarThunder with a couple of you. Are there any more WarThunder players? If yes, please add me: Sgt_Ryan23 (currently I'm BR 3.7 in American tanks, 2.3 in German and 1.3 in Italians). And let's go for a squad where we show people what it means to be 3rd ID even in other games 😄
  7. CPL J.Ryan

    Lets go pikachu/evee

    For what game?
  8. From what I could see, last night at Ghosts Squad Drills I tried to get on the server like 3 times. For me, I couldn't get past selection screen. It was simply freezing, then receiving a message: "Lost connection to host" and then my game would crash. It did that like 2-3 times... After that, it worked, idk how.
  9. CPL J.Ryan

    What's your best gift?

    A new airsoft gun.
  10. CPL J.Ryan

    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas to everyone. Stay safe and don't drink too much!
  11. Tbh, if this becomes a weekly thing, it'd be cool to see it hosted on our server... so far, the server is mostly shut down because nobody is using it.... But, if this will happen, I guess adding a few mods to the R&R server couldn't hurt.
  12. CPL J.Ryan

    Taking Fire documentary

    It is definitely amazing.
  13. CPL J.Ryan

    DMOS required to get SPC

    I would agree to this being introduced.. Because SPC is right under CPL and should be a stepping stone to making people responsible (and that is done in DMOSes) in preparation for the CPL rank. And that would also be a separation between people who do a DMOS (they'd get promoted to SPC and stay there if they're not FTLs/SLs) which would also be kind of a reward, since a soldier who isn't involved in any DMOS and who is not doing anything other than participating to events would be a PFC at max. It could give you that sense of pride and accomplishment (as some would say)
  14. CPL J.Ryan

    Tactical Beards

    As far as I'm aware of regulations in the US Army.. You are allowed to have a mustache and that is only if it's groomed properly. If not, you gotta be clean shaved, boi.
  15. CPL J.Ryan

    How do the polls look?

    It looks just fine