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  1. id be up for tuesdays and thursdays since monday wednesday and friday are when i take breaks from live streaming
  2. i see this topic is 2 months old but i recently got back into war thunder just a little bit i stopped playing after i found out that gaijin entertainment was running a hack selling scam for their own game(war thunder) but ive since started to play again and i have a pretty decked out account with a lot of MBTs and top tier jets if anyone does wanna play sometime feel free to hit me up on steam or discord or TS or what not i play for fun not competitive but i do get pretty hype sometimes during matches also i do run a community server for fun and content creators i have it open to anyone especi
  3. sounds good haha i think it would be really fun to do some realism/milsim style stuff in VR i was thinking of having like an unofficial squad for it
  4. I've been curios for a little bit now how many of us have a VR setup? More specifically does anyone have Zero Caliber VR, and if so what would you think about those of us VR peeps starting a little side squad for VR games IE Zero Caliber or Pavlov or military VR games along those lines. If anyone likes the idea or even just wants to get together and give it a try with some small teams on VR milsim style games feel free to let me know as I'd personally love to have a tactical squad to play a VR game with. Post thoughts in replies let's see who all has VR and has thought about this.