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  1. Nice one, Keep it up, but maybe you should add a screenshot or a short video to attract people? maybe you should consult with PAO?
  2. Website

    More often than not when I try to get into the website its blocking me out and says i'm banned. sometimes it will let me into the website after a few hours and sometimes not. From what I understood the website is blocking European IP's sometimes, so my solution right now is to use VPN which is working but it will be nice not to use it, mainly because its slower than not using it and because not everyone from the EU (or from other continents who knows) has VPN
  3. @MSG J.Rizzo I second this, but for another reason. For about a month now im facing a problem cuased by battleye, its blocking some dll files from the ace mod and i tried to fix it for a lot of time and it worked for some time and the problem came back. To my knowleadge im not the only one having this and ive checked and no one in the unit knows how to fix it. If we remove battleye it will not happen again. (BTW if someone do know how to fix it contact me please). I did try to delete battleye files and verify files through steam so it reinstall them but it did not work.
  4. I can't provide you with a link because the old website closed, and you cant see it in my records because my p files are not perfect, but you can confirm it with OCS Carter, although I can send you screenshot where the OCS ask me about my CID activity:

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