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  1. On April 14th, 1948, then president Henry S. Truman ordered the United States Air Force Reserve's formation to provide combat-ready forces to Fly, Fight and Win. Today, the AFR completes 73 years. Currently, the Air Force Reserve Command headquarters is Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. Its current commander is Lieutenant General Richard W. Scobee, son of one of the Challenger Space Shuttle crews. The Air Force Reserves Command also supports the newly established Space Force, which lacks a reserve component, through the 310th Space Wing. Aim right, fly, fight and win!
  2. 'Sup Zach! I'm kinda new around here, but I don't think we have any Turner of Higgins on active. Probably more experienced people can be more useful than me giving you some whereabouts on them. I'm sure they will show up in no time. We gotta plenty nice guys around here right now, what do you think on checking out on ARMA 3 and joining us in some games? It maybe diferent from the good ol' days, but nmo doubt you'll have som fun!
  3. Every April 5th, we celebrate the Gold Star Spouses Day to honor the surviving loved ones of all military members that made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States while on duty. A US Senate resolution established the annual event in 2010. The first iteration of the GSS Day was celebrated on December 18th of that same year. In 2012, the current date of April 5th was officialized. Initially, the date was called Gold Star Wives Day, but after 2012 the Senate changed it to Gold Star Spouses Day to be more inclusive, although both names are interchangeably used. The group's initial meeti