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    1. Founded on September 18th, 1947, the United States Air Force is the second-youngest branch of the military after the United States Space Force. The National Security Act of 1947 was signed in July of 1947 by President Truman, with Stuart Symington being sworn in as the first Secretary of the Air Force on September 18th, 1947, making today the Air Force’s 74th birthday. Chuck Yeager was one of the more influential people in Air Force history due to him being the test pilot who would officially become the first human to break the sound barrier in an experimental Bell X-1, setting the stage for a revolution in aeronautics. He would become a Brigadier General after about 20 years in service, on June 22, 1969.
    2. Purple Heart Day is a day dedicated to honoring the ultimate sacrifice of service members and those who have suffered a life-altering injury in the line of duty. Originally, it began as an award in the waning days of the Revolutionary War. After the revolution, it was all but forgotten until the 20th century when, in 1932, then-General Douglas MacArthur re-established the Purple Heart as a medal in honor of George Washington’s memory and achievements. On April 25th, 1962, Executive Order 11016 authorized civilian Purple Hearts for those under competent military authority; it also authorized posthumous awards to those killed on or after April 5, 1917 upon application by their next of kin. The amount of Purple Hearts awarded by war are as follows: World War I: 320,518 World War II: 1,076,245 Korean War: 118,650 Vietnam War: 351,794 Persian Gulf War: 607 Afghanistan War: 12,534 (As of November 18th, 2018) Iraq War: 35,411 (As of November 18th, 2018) Operation Inherent Resolve: 76 (as of May 4th, 2020) UN Peacekeeping in Mali: 2 (as of April 14th, 2018)
    3. The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a holiday that’s celebrated on the fourth of July by the United States, which is when the Declaration of Independence went into effect in 1776. The Declaration of Independence is one of the most consequential documents in American history, with it being one of the only historical political documents in America to still be quoted to this day, along with the American constitution and President Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech. There are multiple extremely important battles during the American revolution, which includes the battles of Lexington and Concord, which marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War. It is unknown who fired the first shots at Lexington and Concord, but the first shot would later be called the “Shot heard round the world”, which was coined in 1837 by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The Fourth of July is known as a highly important holiday to the United States, and celebrations are known to include fireworks for multiple days before, during and after the Fourth of July. Other traditions vary wildly between families, towns and cities, with fireworks being the only truly universal means of celebration of Independence Day.