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    Website: draft PMs

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    Website: draft PMs

    Ok, I was mistaken. Closing this.
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    Website: draft PMs

    Could we have access to our draft PMs? Its infuriating when I misclick outside the PM box are loss everything I was typing, especially in long PMs.
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    Insurgency update preview

    source: https://twitter.com/insurgencygame/status/1095711029252816896
  5. We have partnered with Easy Anti-Cheat to help us find and ban players who use cheat software, hacks, or custom scripts to disrupt our players’ experiences in Insurgency: Sandstorm. We take cheating very seriously, so we appreciate all of our fans who help us in combating this issue. If you come across a player that you suspect is cheating or if you find a cheat available for Sandstorm online, please fill out a Cheat Report for Easy Anti-Cheat to investigate. If you’re reporting a cheat for sale/download, please include a link to the relevant site. If you encounter a player who you think is using hacks or cheats, grab the replay ID of the match from the History section of the main menu and it include it in your report. Be sure to watch the replay first and include the approximate time that the player can be seen using a cheat in the report as well. How to find a replay ID and Steam ID: Go to the Main Menu Select “History” Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report. Start the replay and go to the scoreboard Click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report. Click here for the EAC Cheat report: EAC Cheat Report For more information about EAC, including bans and appeals, check out our EAC post here: Community Guidelines: EAC & Cheating Exploiting Design Issues Our team has been working very hard to get Insurgency: Sandstorm to where it is today, and we are still developing improvements and new content for the future. That being said, we have seen some players exploiting bugs in design. Examples of this include: Hiding in rocks/walls Exploiting Out of Bounds areas Glitching into unplayable areas Spawn camping If a player is exploiting these mechanics or does something that feels unfair (but they’re not necessarily using hacks), please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send it to [email protected] so that our team can recreate and address the issue.
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    Useful utility programs.

    Found this today Dark Reader Turns any site dark and can be tweaked to adjust the grey/black scale
  7. 2LT M.Carter

    Were are the WarThunder people at.

    we have an unofficial war thunder group made up of past and present 3rdID members
  8. 2LT M.Carter

    What's your best gift?

    Only got 2 things this year, a racoon onesie (don't ask) and a new phone.
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    Sandstorm 21DEC Patch notes

    We are releasing a patch today to address some issues that have popped up since launch and to make other general improvements. This includes new enemies in Coop, changes to Competitive, and more. We hope you all enjoy! Please read on for the details. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where first person arms and third person cosmetics could become invisible. Fixed an issue with doors becoming desynchronized for certain players, preventing them from being open or closed. Fixed a bug causing the wrong animation to trigger when performing a speed reload on an empty magazine. Fixed an issue causing mines to float when thrown and not detonate when in proximity to vehicles. Fixed an issue where team-mates mines were triggering on friendly vehicles. Fixed a rare issue where the player could occasionally spawn without any weapon or footstep audio. Fixed an issue where muting players using VoIP would not also mute the radio transmit beep sound effect. Fixed an issue in Push where the defending team would instantly be granted a victory once both teams hit zero waves on the last territorial objective. Fixed an issue where stamina drain from simulated movement wouldn’t update the correct value, causing stuttery movement. Fixed Checkpoint insertion vehicle playing the handbrake sound effect constantly. Fixed an issue where the vehicle crash and suppression effect was being applied when a vehicle changed velocity suddenly. Fixed an issue where the cache objective damaged material was not being reset correctly. Fixed an issue with cosmetic and variation names on the plaque widget. Fixed an issue with bipods and foregrips causing them to be detached from the weapon in third person. Fixed an issue where non-rendered characters could become desynchronized when they were then rendered again. Fixed bot specific cosmetics not applying when changing class most notable on counter-attack bot types. Fixed an issue with the “Skirmish Victory” achievement which was making it unobtainable. Fixed an issue where “Road Hazard” and “J.R. .50” achievements were not reliably obtainable. Fixed an issue where the amount of appearance credits a player has would not be displayed when customizing their character from the post-match screen. Fixed an issue where vaulting could cause the player to fall into the ground. Fixed an issue where the Flight Gloves cosmetic would clip with the hand mesh. Fixed an issue where blood pools were not being created under ragdolls. Fixed an issue with teleporting bones which improves performance when limbs are dismembered. Fixed a bug where vehicle crashing audio could be triggered constantly when colliding with a player. Various bug fixes for localization translations across all languages. Fixed an issue where a cvar could be manipulated through INI files to obtain an unfair advantage. Fixed an issue causing prop vehicles to not be destroyable. Fixed LOD issues on certain Security equipment combinations. Fixed LOD bone issue with the shot sleeve button down cosmetic. Fixed an issue where third person grenade launcher reload animations were not playing. Fixed an issue with foregrip bipod alignment on the Mk 14 EBR first person animations. Fixed an issue with hand clipping with extended magazines on the following weapons: G3A3 G36K L85A2 SVD Mk 18 CQBR Mk 17 Mod 0 M4/M16 platform rifles Optimization Optimized various props in the game to improve level-specific performance. Visual Improvements Improved character motion with linear smoothing. Fixed an issue where the characters feet were slightly clipping with the ground. Improved jumping and falling animations. Improved character lower body rotation to be more in sync with velocity. Improved weighting for the Hard Knuckle and Soft Padding gloves. Reduced the size of the MP7 compensator. Added explosive throw animation for third person prone. Gameplay Improvements Third person spectate is now disabled in Competitive. Adjusted the PK-AS optic cost for Competitive to 2 supply to be consistent with other optic options. Added a 3 second grace period after an objective is captured in Checkpoint, where a player who dies will still respawn if killed within those three seconds after capturing. Improved idle kick: Player is kicked when idle in spawn as the last one standing for 10 seconds. Player is kicked when idle outside of spawn for 30 seconds. Added countdown warning messages in chat log before player is kicked. Adjusted the competitive ruleset team switch timer to be 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Insertion vehicles can no longer be destroyed. Tweaks to Competitive player ready requirements: Require at least one player per team to be ready before starting the game on a matchmaking server. Don't end the round instantly if the required player count dips below the minimum. Elimination conditions will be met if a team becomes empty. Match is abandoned if there is no longer the required number of players. AI Improvements Added new “Elite” enemies. Elite enemies wear distinct clothing and use better equipment, and will sometimes come during counter-attacks. Ensure bots firing rockets are now fully ironsighted for a second before firing. Bots in crouch cover should stand up so they can shoot targets that are below them. Added missing driver for Security insertion vehicles. User Experience Improvements Added an alert sound which triggers when the ready-check appears in Competitive matchmaking. Requeuing in competitive matchmaking must now be performed manually and is no longer automatic. Added the following options to the audio settings page: “Sound In Background”: toggles whether game will continue playing audio when alt-tabbed. “Mute VoIP Radio Beep”: allows players to mute the VoIP radio transmit beep sound effect triggered when players talk over VoIP. “Mute Voice-Over Radio Beep”: allows players to mute the voice over radio transmit start and end beep sound effects for when ingame characters speak. Updated the first support indicator to be less visually obstructive. Added ruleset “CompetitiveTheater” which has no rule changes, only the loadouts, allowing community servers to create their own. User Interface Improvements New style for fire mode indicator on the HUD. Updated competitive rank to display current division within the tier. Progression within a tier starts with division 4 and ends with division 1. For example, a player who is at Silver division 1 who increases in rank will go to Gold division 4. Added new 2 round burst icon for weapons that support it (G36K). Updated player level icons with new assets. The beginning Bronze levels should now be properly represented with a layer of moss. Updated VoIP activity icons. Updated loading icons. Fixed antalisasing issues with drum magazine HUD icons. Map Balance & Fixes Hideout Moved A Insurgents spawn to a more protected location on Push Security. Reduced camping spots in a few buildings. Moved the A spawn slightly on Push Security. Refined restricted areas on Push Insurgents and Firefight East. Several minor adjustments to improve level flow and balance. Farmhouse Switched fire particles to blueprints. Refinery Refined blocking volumes to smooth out player movement. Fixed several minor exploits. Switched fire particles to blueprints. Summit Expanded restricted area for A Security spawn on Push Security. Refined bot cover nodes. Fixed various exploits. Fixed a certain missing wall. Fixed various rock seams. Fixed various blocking volumes. Fixed various minor issues. Precinct Cleaned up and refined materials to address performance. Fixed a few issues where the player could get stuck. Fixed an issue where a hallway suddenly became very dark. Fixed an issue where a player could get under the map. Fixed numerous exploits. Added a bit more cover near B on Push Security. Added a bit more cover for objective G on both Checkpoint scenarios. Refined restricted area for A Security spawn, on Push Security. Crossing Fixed various issues with rocks. Moved insertion point on Checkpoint Security.
  10. 2LT M.Carter

    Official: Streamers where you at?!

    Twitch.tv/neospykx you can find me on our twitch page
  11. 2LT M.Carter

    Sandstorm Pre-release hotfix

    Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/581320/announcements/detail/1708451535695468148
  12. 2LT M.Carter

    Sandstorm Release

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXQQDlTI89Q&feature=youtu.be We're excited to announce that Insurgency: Sandstorm's full release will be available on PC today! Prepare for battle with the new launch trailer, and then get online at 6pm CET/9am PST for your choice of co-op or competitive, large- or small-scale matches in this fictional, contemporary Middle Eastern conflict. Available today on Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/581320/Insurgency_Sandstorm/ Website: http://www.insurgency-sandstorm.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/insurgencygame Twitter:... Insurgency: Sandstorm is a game of team-based tactics and objective-oriented gameplay complete with player versus player, competitive matchmaking and co-operative game modes versus AI. Your soldier’s appearance, weapons, attachments, armor, and equipment are all up to you. Call in airstrikes, use vehicles with mounted weapons, and equip a wide range of specialist weaponry from grenades to drones to C4 explosives. Prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery, and unprecedented audio design putting the fear back into the genre. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step toward victory. After months of closed beta testing for pre-order players and a successful Open Beta weekend, Insurgency: Sandstorm launches later today with an incredible amount of content for you to enjoy. Future updates will include new maps, vehicles, weapons, and more, all free of charge to avoid splitting the community. We also invite you to read the latest blog[newworldinteractive.com] by NWI CEO, Jeremy Blum where he discusses the future of Insurgency: Sandstorm and what you can look forward to as we continue to update the game! We're excited to announce that Insurgency: Sandstorm's full release will be available on PC today online at 6pm CET/9am PST!
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    Official what are you listening too

    my own spotify playlist, over 7500 songs https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZEVXbqbh3QZ6nTtc Mostly heavy metal, punk and rock but I do have some more chill stuff like 21 pilots and Marillion
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    Useful utility programs.

    Idle Master Extended Useful program for those who want to collect steam cards faster, it idles multiple steam games at once to increase chances of a card drop. WARNING DO NOT play any steam games while this is running. VAC will think you are hacking and will possibly ban you. Steam Cleaner Installing/uninstalling games on steam leaves residual files that are sometimes hidden. This program finds them and deletes them.