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  1. For some reason I am banned from the website. I've tried using FF, chrome, Opera and vivaldi (all fresh installs) but to no avail. I've also tried from 2 separate phones but still get the same problem. I'm only able to access the site through a different WiFi or on opera's phone VPN service. This leads me to believe something is possibly blacklisting my IP.
  2. To be honest, apart from the hyper x series, I'd stay away from "gaming" headsets. They offer no additional build quality or mic improvement over a standard headset and are usually more expensive. This is what Im using: headset: Condenser mic: Its a cheap rig. The only downside is the mic is USB and not XLR so you dont get professional levels of pickup but it works.
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  4. I can't stop laughing! I.....just....have no words. They gave us a fairy tale ending to attempt to make up for the season but it only drives the knife in the back deeper. Well all I can say is thank god the torture in over. I am seriously considering skipping the next 3 Star Wars movies after watching D&D butcher GoT.
  5. TLDR If you die in this mode, when you respawn you’ll come back with only an unupgraded Mosin rifle, a Makarov pistol, and a smoke grenade. Movement speeds have been significantly reduced. AI more accurate, have better loadouts Each of the eight classes is limited to just one player per class Friendly teammate indicators are hidden Will be added in next update
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  7. Again last nights episode was a COMPLETE letdown that made 0 freaking sense! AngryJoeShow reflects my thoughts pefectly
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