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  1. MSG M.Carter

    [Dropped] Autorefresh Forums

    Could you provide a link to an IPB mod that would do this so COE can review it?
  2. MSG M.Carter

    CID requests broken

    Clicking on the CID requests section of the forum is leading to an error page.
  3. MSG M.Carter

    Useful utility programs.

    Process Lasso A memory management program I have used for years. Great for older PCs who struggle with more demanding games.
  4. MSG M.Carter

    Useful utility programs.

    Although most people dont advise it. I like to use Driver Booster to download all of my drivers.
  5. MSG M.Carter

    Sandstorm 9NOV hotfix

  6. MSG M.Carter

    [Approved] Game discussion section

    Would it be possible to have a section for each game we support within the game discussion section?