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    Awesome! Thank you SGT.
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    OFFICIAL Selfie Thread

    Sure, I'm not shy (most recent picture, enjoy looking at my shitter & my wonky elbow that I shattered a year and a half a go) (sometime earlier this year at Triple B's in Vegas, honestly don't even remember who we opened for....wild times) (on our last tour sometime last year with our lovely buds in Be Like Max. This picture was taken in an underground bar at Arcata Veterans Hall, after our set. I was completely sober this entire tour, believe it or not. Besides a weekend of mishaps with some shrooms which lead to some drinking and weed and well...great times.) (at my last food job ever in Vegas, taken right before I quit and moved back to California.)
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    Is there any way I could get some basic training on AA:PG before fully committing to the competitive side of things? I would like to help out, I'd just like to make sure I'd actually be of use first. I've had the game in my library for some time and have only loaded it twice, but I am more than willing to participate so long as I become more comfortable with the game mechanics first.
  4. We have the same birthday apparently :classic_biggrin:

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      PV2 Y.Suponitsky

      Seems so, what squad and platoon you from?

    2. PV2 D.Bones

      PV2 D.Bones

      Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Squad. I play Squad & Insurgency. I see you're Arma!