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  1. PVT S.Summers

    Immersion Cigs - Arma 3

    +1 @PFC C.Bolitho I agree. It's bad enough I smoke (started in service) and trying to quit. I don't need that in game.
  2. When you actually try, you never know how well you might do.

    Time and date included for personal reference.

    high score.PNG

    1. J.Davis


      That is some serious damage!

      Well done.

  3. I noticed when reading through the guide for configuring the Arma Mod Pack with Arma Sync, it is not mentioned that Arma Sync needs to run with admin rights to successfully run the autoconfig file. 

    I attempted repeatedly to get this to work, without running as admin, before it dawned on me. Could this be added to avoid future confusion?

    arma sync.PNG

  4. PVT S.Summers

    PVT S.Summers : About Me

    Glad to be here! Having just obtained ArmA, I was more than elated to see the 3rd ID being represented. I have made an account on the 173rd's forum as well. After my BCT/AIT, I have an inclination to try my hand at Ranger school, and perhaps becoming a pilot as well, but 1 step at a time. I try to be on TS as much as possible, so feel free to catch me there.
  5. PVT S.Summers

    PVT S.Summers : About Me

    I was born June 29, 1986 in Rockford, IL. Post high school, I enlisted as an MP and was stationed (CONUS) with the 546th MP Co, 3rd Infantry Division, Ft. Stewart, GA for the duration of my career. I was discharged May, 2006. Now I live just outside Phoenix, AZ and just acquired ArmA 3. My primary PC is under powered and won't run anything over Arma 2 - it is greatly overdue for some upgrades. I am married to a full blooded Italian - don't ask - it has it's good moments. I work in both IT and as an armed security guard for a prestigious security firm. Any questions just ask! Hooah!
  6. PVT S.Summers

    What's your best gift?

    I got a $25 Visa gift card and bought Arma 3 + Karts + Marksmen. Then I got a Blu-ray Home Stereo system from my parents.