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    Battleye blocking ACE mod's .dll files

    You will need to periodically check Arma-Sync for updated to the official 3rdID mods, and separately for any permitted additional ones. But my understanding is that once you saved them all to download/update into the same/correct save folder, and always load them from "Local Mod's" in Arma3 so long as you check for updates you'll be OK! It's unavoidable to check for updates, so it's best to do it regularly and a long time before you have to load in. Please accept my Steam invite, I'll then be able to see you online and we can go into the Training Server1 together to see if it worked later today, PM me your time zone as the number of hours you are plus or minus EST so I have an idea of your evening time, please.
  2. PFC J.Davis

    Battleye blocking ACE mod's .dll files

    Hello SPC Y.Nissan, Is this the problem where you just keep getting a disconnect or crash to desktop? From my understanding, I was suffering from this too, Battle Eye was causing me to crash, as was bumping other players. If you have tried the following or know it already I apologize in advance and you will need someone with more knowledge, but this is currently working perfectly for me. I received great help lately from several people, the fix for me was as follows:- I was loading Arma3 from Arma-Sync, the advice was to stop and only use Arma-Sync to download official/sop Arma mods and updates of the mods (i.e. check for updates periodically in sync). Only load mods into the game via the normal Vanilla Arma3 game (to do this I either open Steam and click games then play Arma3, or just directly click on Arma3 game in Start menu) you will need all of the "correct" mods added to "local mods" in the Arma3 mods menu and then once selected save the list as "3rdID Official" or something you'll remember, so you can select them all quickly. Make sure all MOD's are official, by this I mean it has to come from the official SOP list and have been downloaded and updated via Arma-Sync (as per the SOP post on the forum/website (not from Steam workshop) they also have to be saved in the correct location on your PC with all your other mods for the game) To know which MOD's are correct, only select the ones in the MOD tab of Arma3 without the little steam logo inside the box, I also have a couple of the "allowed" MOD's including the sound enhancements. I have saved the 3rdID servers in my favourites list so now when I need to load in to "FTX/Training Server 1 etc":- I open Arma3 game as above (Via Steam or Start Menu). Click the mods sidebar. Click my saved Mod set so the correct ones are sellected (correct MOD's saved under a name you like). Click the servers tab and select the server (usually it will be the Training server 1, not PUB servers). Click keep current selection and load. Please let us know if this works, if not then you'll need someone else to step in. Good luck.
  3. Hello CW3 B.Ahles, Thank you for investigating the issue, I have received help via TeamViewer from another enlistee a few days back, sadly I can't find the session in TeamSpeak to thank him by name. Essentially he said that I should load in from the normal Arma3 loading screen using Local mods, which he also checked and corrected. I would like to do a test loading asap with some people to check that the issue if DC is reduced or stopped, I understand it could also be caused by "Bumping" other players or BattleEye freaking out too. I have to say that the level of help and support I have been given by my team mates is fantastic, I really appreciate it. Kind regards, PV2 J.Davis
  4. Thank you CW3 B.Ahles, Please check the attached zipped file set from the 27th Jan 2019. I just chucked in all the files as I don't know which one you need specifically. PV2 Davis Log Files 27th Jan
  5. Time of Occurrence: 20th & 27th Jan 2019 1700est onwardUsers Involved: PV2 J.Davis, SSG Grigorov, PVT Horne.Mission/Map: On the 20th FTX training Server 1, 4 disconnects from server during gameplay. On the 27th FTX 1 disconnect from Training server 1 & 3 disconnects from "The Longest Day" mission.Detailed Description: First I'd like to list my rigs specs:- It's a PC Specialist Octain3 (desktop replacement), i7-7700k pc chip 4.2GHz, NVidia GeForce1070-8gb gddr5, 32gb 2133Mhz SODIMM DDR4, 2x 480gb HyperX Savage 2.5" SSD, 256Gb Samsung SM961 M.2 PCIe, Intel 2 Channel HD Audio, Gigabit Lan & Killer wireless AC 1535 M.2 gaming wifi, Genuine windows 10 64bit pro. My internet is BT Business fiberoptics, with over 50mbps down and typically 30 Mbps up. I usually use wi-fi connection but was on a Lan cable on the 27th Vs wi-fi 20th. I have been present ahead of time on the above listed dates, team speak set up and working fine, joined the above listed server using Arma-Sync, loaded out all gear, after the FTX started on the 20th got about 5-10 min into the game and I lost the connection and Arma closed, notified team leader CPL Ryan and SSG Grigorov, loaded in again and got teleported, few more minutes pass and then get dropped out on foot patrol around FOB, loaded in again 2 more times but just stayed at the base for last one. On the 27th it was about the same, loaded in about an hour earlier and attended 1SG meeting, loaded into game using Arma-Sync, loaded out gear, we were then shifted from Training Server 1 to the "Longest Day Mission" loaded out gear, stacked up ready to load boats, listening to breifing and then got disconnected, loaded back in, just managed to pick up the gear of my rotting corpse and then was about to run and save the load out then I got DC again, loaded in one more time just as everyone was getting in the boats, and got another DC, at this point I know it was not going to work so I asked to be dismissed but no one could hear me clearly, I waited about 10min then I left. Of note I could hear multiple other players complaining of lag and low frames, my ping was low from memory it was at 90 or less, I checked my frames and was getting spikes and troughs between 80 and 27, typically I can play any vanilla armer on EU and USA servers with pings from low 20's to 200 is with zero lag, and I typically get frames of about 70-80, also my screen is 120hz. I only load into 3rdID servers using Arma-Sync. I tried loading in at 1750est via normal Arma with all mods but I get a "You can not play, mission dependants" warning. I'm not a computer tech, I'm a damn good welder, but I know for a fact my rig is well above Arma's spec requirements. I know on the 20th 1SG stated after my question in debrief that they would look into the issue. If there is something wrong with my setup or something I need to check please let me know, however I suspect it's not that as others have similar or lower spec setups to me and don't appear to have this issue. I really want to be a part of this unit and it's a shame this is happening, so I'd really appreciate a fix or a work around or some settings to sort this if it's possible. Thanks in advance. PV2 J.Davis
  6. Please feel free to say hello,


    I like meeting and learning about people, and am here to improve my skills in Arma3.