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    SPC H.Moro signing up as RSO
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    Just a quick follow up
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    SPC H.Moro signing up as a RSO.
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    10-4 and thank you CPT A.Cantu
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    Sgt Keaton said there's no specific numbers for these and to reply DMR: Pass M249: Pass If you have any more questions, Sgt Keaton said to just take it up with him.
  6. I forgot to add above that this Ops would definitely improve our communication skills and our abilities to follow instructions or a plan to the dot. *WARNING: This might not be fun for the insurgents BUT to make up for it, depending on the total amount of players. All players can rotate to be the fire team given that the plan changes for every rotation so it doesn't become predictable.
  7. I just thought of an idea for an operations that might be fun and a good way to practice breaching and clearing given that the Insurgency game is a CQC based type game. We can try a "Retrieving the VIP or intel" ops on the Heights Night or Day Map with a 4 man team (Qualified SOPs) since it seems like a viable location for the mentioned type of ops. To make it more fun, we can put rule like "engage only if necessary" and "stealth is key". In addition to that, instead of the insurgents waiting for us like the usual way we do it, they can be given a patrol route or staying in buildings talking with each other or what actual insurgents would be doing not expecting a threat. *Summary (suggested) below: Game: Insurgency (PVP) Ops Type: VIP or Intel extraction (whichever one) Map: Heights (day or night) Players: 10 (15 or more if possible) = Fire team of 4 individuals, 1 VIP (possibly 2 for a challenge) and Insurgents for the remaining people ROE fire team: Engage only if necessary or taking fire insurgents: Engage on sight and SHOOT TO KILL Ops Rules fire team: follow the designated route and plan otherwise improvise only if deemed necessary insurgents: follow the given patrol routes, act like a real person in game (specifically I mean no campers)
  8. 10-4 and thank you CPT A.Cantu
  9. Which part of the forums can I request for a uniform and rank update on the new website?
  10. This is site looks awesome, it's got a very modern feel to it. Hooah to the devs!

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      Glad you like it! 

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