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    CW2 Q.Morton donation of 100.00 USD

    Hooah, CW2 Q.Morton, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
  2. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Steering Torwards the Future

    I am confused on what your actually requesting here? The restructuring of the unit will not happen as we are and will always be a light infantry based styled unit. That's not an ORBAT that I will be changing under my command. PFC, I understand that you have a very extensive knowledge of military operations and administrative duties in your real life role in the military. However, the bulk of us are grunts or POGs that have served and simply do not have the knowledge you do therefore have no idea how to actually run such an organization you listed above. Infantry is what we know and the infantry structure is what we'll remain.
  3. MAJ J.LaFlash


    Hell ya, congrats CPL!
  4. MAJ J.LaFlash

    PVT S.Alter : About Me

    Hooah Soldier, Welcome to the unit and look forward to talking more! Always great to add more Veterans to the unit!
  5. MAJ J.LaFlash

    William Blackwell

    Corporal William Blackwell joined the 3rd Infantry Division on May 20th 2019 for his second tour of duty within the unit. Having served prior and achieving the rank of Sergeant (E-5) was the reinstated as a Specialist (E-4) and assigned to Alpha Company, Third Platoon, First Squad. Throughout his time during this tour he has shown a very strong passion for our unit, dedication, patriotism, valor, fidelity and professional excellence. In view of these qualities, your demonstrated leadership potential, and dedicated service Corporal William Blackwell has been aware the Soldiers Medal and selected as this Soldier of the Quarter Interview below: Tell us a little about yourself. I am 46 years old, US Army Veteran (Paratrooper) . Have 3 kids and 4 grandkids, so at times life can get hectic. Been playing PC games for far too long, started on a TI 99/4A then next was an Apple IIe, then so many PC’s since then What is your favorite aspect of the unit? For me it is the camaraderie that can be found. Those who have served probably understand this better than those who haven’t. But when you have a good community to be a part of, you have fun. Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? Favorite moment(s) are anytime we can get four or five on and hit the public servers for some less serious fun. Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? Frustration is normal, regardless of the size of the unit. Sometimes you voice that frustration and sometimes you don’t. But in the end use that frustration for some sort of positive change in yourself or in the situation. What army value is the most important to you and why? There is not one Army Value that is most important to me. They are all important to me as each one holds meaning that makes an Army Soldier who they are both on and off the field of battle. But if I must pick on it would be Loyalty due to the fact the more that strengthens in your life, they others will improve and strengthen. Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit? We are here to have fun, be serious when needed but not to serious that the fun is ruined for yourself and/or others.
  6. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Teamspeak server tags (Ranks)

    This has been brought up before I refrained from doing this. We dont need the clutter to be honest. We already wear our rank on the front of our names and this is pointless in my opinion
  7. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Let's Start a Story.....

  8. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Recruitment Drive

    Hooah PFC, I love the motivation, Keep it going soldiers! Another easy way everyone can help is by voting daily on the Clanlist (up right corning on our website). We should try to have everyone, every day they are on our site, click on our ranked number and submit a vote! This always helps get ourselves to within the top 3 which is where we have the most exposure to people looking for Arma groups to join!
  9. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Unites States Army NGSW upgrade for the 3rd?

    This is being looked into by Cstaff, There isn't a time frame as alot of factors go into this other then a new Mod. For instance our m16 qualification on our training map, Do we have someone to update these scripts to that would recruits are qualifying with the same weapon they will be using in their assigned position?
  10. MAJ J.LaFlash


    CPT Is correct, We are the 3rd Infantry Division, More specifically First Battalion, 30th Infantry Reg. And they are not a SF/Ranger/Airborne unit. Therefore our Berets are black only. PFC, I really do appreciate you trying to think outside the box but almost 90% of what you have brought up so far as already been brought up by a prior soldier and the research and investigating has been completed and denied already.
  11. MAJ J.LaFlash

    PFC P.Conlisk donation of 100.00 USD

    Hooah, PFC P.Conlisk, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
  12. MAJ J.LaFlash

    4th of July - PUB A THON - 1300EST

    What: Soldiers (Current/Former) are encouraged to join us in public play on our 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit Servers during the times listed above to celebrate our units 16 year anniversary and join in on camaraderie with the gaming community. When: July 4th 2019 @1300 EST to 0100 EST (12 hours) - Join anytime Where: Teamspeak & 3rdID Public Arma 3 Server/ 3rdID Public AAPG Server/ Public Insurgency Servers Why: During this time all Soldiers are encouraged to recruit public players into our Teamspeak and possible into our unit. Hope to see you there!
  13. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Basic Combat Training (BCT)

    Outstanding! Congrats Soldiers
  14. MAJ J.LaFlash

    One Station Unit Training Graduate

    Hooah! Congrats Soldier
  15. Maj. Gen. Antonio Aguto, commanding general for the 3rd ID, passes the brigade colors to Col. Michael McFadden to signify the change of command of the 3CAB, June 13, at Forsythe Park in Savannah. The ceremony is a long standing Army tradition to honor the outgoing command team and welcome the incoming leadership. The 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade held a change of command and change of responsibility ceremony, in which the outgoing commander Col. Mark Johnson, and senior enlisted advisor Command Sgt. Maj. Terri Clavon passes the Marne Air torch to Col. Michael McFadden and Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Armstrong, on June 13, at Forsyth Park in Savanah. The dual ceremonies conducted are part of a military tradition representing the formal transfer of authority and responsibility from one command team to another. The host of the event was the 3rd Infantry Division Commanding General, Maj Gen. Antonio Aguto. During his remarks he welcomed the newest Dogface Soldiers, and acknowledged the accomplishments of Johnson and Clavon. “Throughout the past two years Col. Mark Johnson and Command Sgt. Maj. Terri Clavon have lead the 3rd CAB to be the best CAB in the XVIII Airborne Corps, if not, our entire U.S. Army. That’s a pretty bold statement coming from a commanding general, given the talent in the Army. But truthfully in the short time that I have been here, I truly believe this to be fact. Thank you for all you have done,” Aguto said. In his remarks Johnson thanked the Soldiers in the brigade for their hard work in expertly executing missions spanning across both the country and globe, and for consistently striving for excellence. “It is said that at some point in one’s life, a person asks themselves, ‘what have I done with my life?’ These Soldiers which stand before you will never have to ask that question. It was an honor and a privilege to lead this historic unit and to know that the defense of our nation is in their hands,” Johnson said. During Johnson and Clavon’s time leading Marne Air, the unit deployed to Afghanistan for nine-months; participated in disaster relief operations for hurricanes Michael and Florence; provided border support; conducted decisive action training at the Joint Readiness Training Center in Fort Polk, Louisiana and the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California; while simultaneously conducting joint operations with the Georgia National Guard, the Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. McFadden spoke with excitement to the Soldiers, eager to the rich history of the unit. “In the coming months we will once again answer our nations call, I know you are all up for the challenge and I look forward to serving with you all,” said McFadden. “I make this promise to you today that I will always be there for you as I do exist for the Marne Air Soldiers. This is Falcon 6 on the net. Rock of the Marne, Marne Air.” Source