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    Additional aircraft for Airborne Operations

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118660496&searchtext=c-17 Once added, its located under NATO- Planes - Boeing C-17 Stewart
  2. Request funding to add C-17 (mod) from the USAF ANG based out of Ft. Stewart to be implemented for Airborne operations / cargo drops. The C-17’s missions are to strategic airlift, transport supplies, personnel, or weaponry over long distances. The C-17 airdrops both paratroopers and cargo for resupply over areas that may not be easily accessible to other aircraft or behind enemy lines. Cargo Load: 102 troops/paratroops 170,900 pounds (77,519 kilograms) of cargo (18 pallet positions) Test Flight:
  3. WO1 Q.Morton

    Available DMOS Positions

    Could a list of open DMOS positions be posted so applicants know which assignments are currently accepting applications.
  4. WO1 Q.Morton

    Resolved Server Connection Failure

    When I logged on with arma3sync it just showed the black screen showing I was connected.The second log on set of pictures was from logging on directly from Arma3 (The one that shows connection was lost).
  5. Time of Occurrence: 0832 hrs 31Dec2018Users Involved: WOC MortonMission/Map: 3rd ID Training / Vanilla serverDetailed Description: Unable to connect to either server. Mods are updated. While attempting to log on from ArmASync (Training Server) it reports I am connected but it stays on the loading screen. While attempting to log on through Steam (Vanilla Server) it attempts to connect. After what seemed to be 3 mins of waiting it notifies me connection was lost to host.