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  1. Just wanted to pass some difficult news along as I believe that once your apart of this family its for life. Former 2LT R.Olson (Not on perscom unfortunately but I have him on facebook) shared some sad news the other day. His son (14 years old) was diagnosed with cancer. As we all know with disease comes expenses. Below is a link to a gofund me created for his son, you'll find your LTC J.Laflash is already up there - Hooah! - and if it's within your budget please give it a thought! He didn't ask me to post any of this but I believe the unit he was such an integral part of so many years ago should have the information they need to give back. Much love as always! SGM (RET) Matthew Breen
  2. I've played a bit, let me know if you need a 5th next season ?