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  1. Hello, I know we in arma there is a mod where we can get an actual OCP Uniform rather than the combat tops. The reason behind me saying this is because when we do ceremonies we look kinda out of place as in RL we wouldn't wear a combat top. In 506th we had them as an option and I think it would be a nice touch we would just need the PBO file for it and drop it in the mod pack..
  2. Hey I was wondering if I could get the Task Force Serpent Patch input to the game somehow and someway and also get a dedicated fourm for TFS?
  3. I get what he is saying here but imo I think focusing on one plt is the go ahead right now. And in due time that 2nd/3rd squad will open and give the right people the proper placements ie FTL and squad leaders. saying this from my army POV and military POV we know what we are doing most of the time because we been down range and had the basic warrior task and drills installed into us and some people don’t even know what certain things are, because basic only overs a certain portion of it and our squad drills can cover so much more but if we throw people into let’s say a squad leader pos or even a plt sgt position they might not know certain things, to do in combat situations. yes we can train them up but if we try to force so much down the tube at once it won’t work. If we put military members in those positions it would definitely help but I think the guys here need more time and training. Also it all depends if they even want that responsibility at that time . I think diddy has a great idea for training and expanding the team into a more operating unit for stuff but in due time we can really kick in doors and stacks bodies on a company level.
  4. A.Apollo

    [Denied] ASU's

    I know that being in a specific unit you have to dress right dress with uniform. Im just saying it would just be another cosmetic item out of game if you attend the proper schooling. In my unit IRL they let the rangers wear the tan beret, Airborne wears the maroon and etc.
  5. A.Apollo

    [Denied] ASU's

    Hey so a idea when a member completes airborne school or ranger school maybe change the color of the beret like Maroon for airborne and Tan beret for ranger just another cosmetic item i can help wioth the graphic design portion too as it just a wasy color overlay.
  6. and it could be as requested (Veterans only) section
  7. Hello, So I got a idea to run by you all. So when i was in 173rd our uniforms relflected the unit and real life unit they were with in the actual military for example left arm we would wear the 3rd ID patch and if I was in the 82nd airborne i would have it on my right arm in game. It just a little something that we did at 173rd for military members who served. Like for example aswell I know some units in the 3rd ID had the logo on the helmet cover idk if we have anything like that but it would also be nice "De oppresso liber"

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