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  1. Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class 20-37 (ARMA3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be full active members of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah Graduates: Private First Class Brandon Perez Private Second Class Jason Samuels Private Second Class Mac Blaser
  2. 68W Combat Medic School is designed to prepare future combat lifesavers, platoon medics, and MEDEVAC personnel. By graduation, you will be familiar with the intricacies of ACE Medical. You will learn to use all of the medical equipment available to you, and you will learn the difference between various injuries and their treatments. Candidates complete a written test, movement under fire, TCCC patient assessment, patient extraction and evacuation techniques, bleeding control, triage, basic and advanced treatments, radio communications, and LZ establishment. The following Soldiers have suc
  3. I am unable to assign soldiers to Reserves through the Assignment Order, I get a message informing me I do not have permissions to assign.
  4. Our Private Trainee's going through the Rifle Range with a DI!
  5. Screenshot thread for Presence Patrol #15...
  6. Congratulations to the soldiers of Land Navigation Course class 20-03 (ARMA3) for successful completion of Land Navigation training! The Land Navigation course is designed teach the fundamentals of basic land navigating skills. This course assists Soldiers in Infantry and non-Infantry fitted rolls to understand the techniques required to land navigate. Students learn navigating from one point on the ground to another point individually. Graduates: Specialist Alex CruzeSpecialist Brendan Moose Private First Class Clifford Simpkins Private Second Class Jorge Gomez Instructors:
  8. Alpha Company "War Eagles" Award Ceremony. When: First Sunday of Every Month, 1300 EST Where: Operation Server Who: Everyone assigned to 1/A
  9. Add news image for news page of website Remove Air Assault (Old Version) Airborne (Old Version) ALC (Old Version) WLC (Old Version) Ranger School (Old Version) Add Officer Candidate School First Sergeant School Advanced Leaders Course Warrior Leaders Course Ranger School Pathfinder School Expert Infantryman Badge Expert Field Medical Badge Airborne School Air Assault School Long Range Precision Course Explosives and Demolition Course Advanced Radio Communications Cour
  10. This is really confusing Recruiters and Candidates as the Yes/No options are currently not working and the answer is randomly generated. Is there a quick fix for this?