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  1. SGT B.Lambert

    Drill Sergeant Campaign Cover

    Add for our Drill Sergeants and Senior Drill Sergeants, I saw in some old unit vids we used to have campaign covers! Would be a great addition to FIG @SFC G.Beaudoin
  2. SGT B.Lambert


    Hey 3rdID, Squad is currently 50% off on steam and it’s free to play until 19 NOV @ 0500! Visit here
  3. SGT B.Lambert

    Missing TFAR Antennas

    @2LT B.Ahles SPC Fear informed me he's banned from the site again and using whatever version is in the respiratory for his Arma3Sync.
  4. SGT B.Lambert


    Hooah! Welcome aboard SPC To receive the NDSM for your military service submit a request here!
  5. SGT B.Lambert

    SPC B.Smith donation of 100.00 USD

    Hooah SPC! Good shit
  6. SGT B.Lambert

    Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day! Hooah!
  7. SGT B.Lambert

    PV2 N.Romanov donation of 30.00 USD

    Hooah Romanov!
  8. SGT B.Lambert

    Alpha Company Award Ceremony - 03NOV19

    Great job to everyone who received an award or promotion. Keep working hard everyone!
  9. SGT B.Lambert

    Recruitment Drive

    Goodmorning 3rdID Soldiers, Today is a new day! So let's ensure we jump on the Steam Forums, Game Forums, Reddit and more to actively recruit new soldiers for the unit! This is something RRO cannot do by themselves without the assistance from you soldiers, recruiting is a team effort! Keep up the recruitment 3rdID! SGT Lambert RRO NCOIC
  10. SGT B.Lambert

    PVT A.Hover donation of 30.00 USD

    Hoorah Soldier!
  11. SGT B.Lambert

    Monthly Newsletters

    MAJ, 2LT, CPL Definitely would be quite a bit of work. I had an extensive read of the October 2017 Newsletter, and wow a lot of effort went into that! Maybe this could potentially be something we can come around to in the new year.
  12. SGT B.Lambert

    PVT T.Luckman donation of 50.00 USD

    Hooah Private!
  13. SGT B.Lambert

    SGT B.Lambert donation of 50.00 USD

    Hoorah! LT lol
  14. SGT B.Lambert

    Patrick Conlisk

    Congrats LT!
  15. SGT B.Lambert

    Monthly Newsletters

    Posting monthly newsletters with information covering what occurred over the month i.e. Advanced Schools that were hosted, Promotions, etc. Additionally, we could include a letter from the CO, a fun fact about the 3rdID IRL, and upcoming events for the month ahead i.e. Advanced Schools, Operations, etc.