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Toggle %s Airborne School 16-11

Posted By:  PFC K.Mora @ December 01, 2016 - 09:01 PM



Congratulations to the class of 16-11 (Arma 3) for completing Airborne School in conjunction with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Soldiers who have completed the school for the first time have been awarded their Basic Parachutist Badge. Great job to everyone who attended. Hooah!
 SFC.pngSFC D.Hardy rwFMvXF.png
SGT.png SGT M.Miller rwFMvXF.png
CPL.png CPL M.Lafontaine rwFMvXF.png
SPC.png SPC B.Boville rwFMvXF.png
SPC.png SPC D.Merrow rwFMvXF.png
SPC.png SPC G.Oberg rwFMvXF.png
PFC.png PFC A.Garab rwFMvXF.png
PFC.png PFC I.Steacie rwFMvXF.png
PFC.png PFC K.Mora rwFMvXF.png
PFC.png PFC V.Septim rwFMvXF.png
PV2.png PV2 F.Malaspina rwFMvXF.png
PV2.png PV2 T.Warren rwFMvXF.png

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Toggle %s Insurgency Pub-A-Thon : Black Friday

Posted By:  CPT A.Cantu @ November 22, 2016 - 06:10 PM





WHEN: Friday November 25th 2016 @ 12:00pm - 12:00am


WHERE: Our public servers - [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Realism Server :
[3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Co-Op Server :

  Join our teamspeak; teamspeak.3rdinf.us


WHO: We will have members on throughout the night and into the morning! We are inviting everyone to this event, come meet new people get to know our members and other members of the community and just have a good time!  


WHY: With the recent announcement of 3rdID supporting Insurgency, we are looking to have a fun night of gaming and recruiting.

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Toggle %s Happy 99th 3rd ID

Posted By:  PFC K.Mora @ November 21, 2016 - 02:54 PM

Happy Birthday 3rd ID


As many of you know “Nous Resterons La” or “We’re staying there” is the 3rd ID motto and for 99 years they have remained a strong and steadfast unit.


The 3rd Division was formed the 21st of November, 1917 to counter the final wave of German offensives as the war drew to a close. The division, 28,000 strong, was sent to the European Front in 1918 where the French had been pushed with miles of Paris. One of its final engagements was when the 7th Machine Gun Battalion rushed to the Marne River as the French retreated and held the river from desperate German advances. The battalion was reinforced and took the brunt of the Germans final bid for Paris. This historic battle earned them the title “Rock of the Marne” and recognition as a highly efficient unit.


The division, now renamed the 3rd Infantry Division, was deployed in 1941 after Pearl Harbor. It was the only unit to see combat with Germany on all fronts. The unit was deployed to North Africa in Operation Torch and saw vicious combat with the Afrika Korps. The unit then took part in the Anzio Landings, commanded by former 3rd ID commander Maj. Gen. Truscott, where they were crucial in breaking heavily fortified German lines. By June 4 they finally reached Rome. They were then designated to insert into Southern France by sea and joined other units in the push towards Germany. By the end of the war the division had pushed all the way into Austria.


The division returned home until the war in Korea broke out in 1950 where they were ordered to Korea as soon as possible. They arrived to the front in September where they took part in the UN invasion of the North. The invasion failed when the Chinese entered the war and the 3rd then organized the largest beachhead evacuation in history. They then regrouped and pushed the Chinese back to the 38th Parallel. The 3rd then took the brunt of the Chinese’s final bids for Seoul. For their efforts they were given the nickname “Rock of Seoul”. After pushing the Chinese back past the 38th, they settled into defensive positions along the border preventing and seizure of strategic points. After the war the 3rd was stationed in Germany as part of the West Europe defense plan.


Sections of the division then served in Operation Desert Shield as US forces liberated Kuwait. The 3rd then took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom and led the liberation of Baghdad and tightened security over the city. The unit returned home for a short leave before redeploying to Iraq. The division eased pressure allowing 42nd Division to retake most of Northern Iraq and helped transfer power to the modern democratic government. The division was then redeployed to Iraq for COIN operations against radical groups struggling for power and helped secure the city of Ramadi. They then began a series of deployments in Operation New Dawn before returning home under the Obama administration's promise to lower the US presence in Iraq.


The 3rd Infantry Division has a long and illustrious history as a unit known for holding steady against the current and never breaking no matter the odds. That through all the battles and wars they knew that they had brothers and sister by their side. They changed the way brotherhood is seen in the military and around the US. That is what we and everyone should strive for as unit and as a person. Happy 99th 3rd ID!

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Toggle %s Warrior Leadership Course 16-07

Posted By:  SPC M.Delorme @ November 20, 2016 - 06:48 PM



NCO's are the backbone of the unit and the Army. The Warrior Leadership Course is a two day event that helps prepare soldiers to take up the role of NCO, giving them the tools needed to be effective leaders. Candidates are those Specialists and Corporals who have shown the potential and drive to be solid leaders of fireteams as well as opening the opportunity for advance to Sergeant and beyond.



Graduates are also eligible to be awarded the NCO Professional Development Ribbon, which shall be awarded pending approval of the Company Commander.


SGT.png Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.png Corporal August Barrows ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.png Corporal Thomas Hein ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.png Corporal Marc-Andre Lafontaine ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.png Specialist Daniel Shade ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.png Specialist Gillis Oberg ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.png Specialist Michael Delorme ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.png Specialist Theresa Churchill ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.png Specialist Roger Nana ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png


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Toggle %s November Podcast 2016

Posted By:  SSG J.Johnson @ November 12, 2016 - 10:57 AM

Third Infantry Division's Public Affairs Office is proud to release our November podcast! This month we feature SFC D.Jackman, Platoon Sergeant for Second Platoon, Bravo Company


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Toggle %s Happy Veteran's Day 2016

Posted By:  SSG J.Johnson @ November 11, 2016 - 10:54 AM


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Toggle %s Promotion Ceremony | 6 November

Posted By:  SSG J.Johnson @ November 08, 2016 - 11:18 AM



October has come and gone and we are progressing smoothly. 3rd Infantry Division has completed multiple training missions with success. We, as a unit, need to be accountable with mustering in and placing TPRs when we will not be there. Let's work on getting things back up to the high standards we are expected to be at!



J.Johnson - 1 yr (Nov 26th)

G.Beaudoin - 2 yr (Nov 29th)

G.Tucci - 1 yr (Nov 9th)

R.Nana - 1 yr (Nov 3rd)




Raffle: ($10 a ticket)

Items started on OCT 2nd are:

Track IR 5 Optical Head Tracking System Bundle + Track Clip PRO


3rdID Retro TShirt

3rd Infantry Division Baseball Cap


Drawing happening on New Years Day




The promotions and awards are as follows;




Private Second Class R.Crowe promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class A.Grabmiller promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class H.Burdick promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class A.Bee promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class W.Fives promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class J.Nichols promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class K.Mora promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class G.Ancheta promoted to Private First Class.





Private First Class B.Euteneuer promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class D.Shade promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class L.Marrinan promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class G.Oberg promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class M.Elias promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class B.Boville promoted to Specialist.





Specialist R.Samas promoted to Corporal.

Specialist T.Hein promoted to Corporal





Corporal L.Church promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal G.Tucci promoted to Sergeant.





Staff Sergeant D.Hardy promoted to Sergeant First Class.





Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM


Specialist M.Delorme

Specialist B.Boville



Good Conduct Medal, GCM


Captain D.Netto

Captain A. Cantu

First Sergeant R. Wendt

Sergeant First Class N. Lipnitz

Sergeant First Class D. Jackman

Sergeant First Class D.Hardy

Cheif Warrent Officer 4 M.Larz

Warrent Officer 1 H.Lee
Warrent Officer Candidate R.Carter
Warrent Officer Candidtate J.Marksten
Staff Sergeant J.Johnson
Staff Sergeant E.Hermanson
Sergeant J.Jones
Sergeant E.Rhodes
Sergeant L.Church
Sergeant K.Fear
Sergeant H. Lipnitz
Corporal Millner
Corporal J. Mott

Specialist K. Coffey

Specialist M. O’Hara

Specialist D.Shade
Specialist T.Unger
Specialist V.Hyvarinen
Specialist J.LaFlash

Specialist C. Simpkins

Specialist D.Polen
Specialist B.Perez
Specialist D.Merrow
Private Frist Class H.Burdick
Private First Class P.Farrimond




Army Achievement Medal, AAM


Sergeant Fear

Sergeant H.Lipnitz

Corporal A.Barrows

Corporal Lafontaine

Corporal M.Simpkins

Corporal P.Grewal

Corporal H.Ta

Private First Class D.Shade





Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM


Sergeant L.Church

Corporal B.Beaudoin

Corporal H.Coy

Specialist R.Nana

Specialist M.O'Hara




Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM


Corporal J.Mott




Army Commendation Medal, ACM


Sergeant M.Miller

Sergeant G.Conrado




Armed Forces Service Medal, AFSM


Second Lieutenant E.McGuffey

Sergeant T.Laramee

Sergeant G.Conrado

Specialist J.Laflash




Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, AFEM


Staff Sergeant J.Johnson

Sergeant G.Tucci

Specialist R.Nana

Specialist K.Coffey





Basic Parachute Badge


Corporal J.Millner

Corporal M.Lafontaine

Corporal M.Gregoire

Corporal A.Barrows

Private First Class A.Bee

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Toggle %s October Podcast 2016

Posted By:  SSG J.Johnson @ October 20, 2016 - 11:55 AM

Third Infantry Division's Public Affairs Office is proud to release our October podcast! (Better late than never right.) This month we feature 2LT T.Worrall, Platoon Leader for Alpha Company Second Platoon.




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