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Toggle %s Warrior Leader Course Class 16-06

Posted By:  SPC A.Barrows @ Yesterday, 08:23 PM



NCO's are the backbone of the unit and the Army. The Warrior Leadership Course is a two day event that helps prepare soldiers to take up the role of NCO, giving them the tools needed to be effective leaders. Candidates are those Specialists and Corporals who have shown the potential and drive to be solid leaders of Fireteams as well as opening the opportunity for advancement to Sergeant and beyond.



Graduates are also eligible to be awarded the NCO Professional Development Ribbon, which shall be awarded pending approval of the Company Commander.


SGT.png Sergeant  Jannes Drake

CPL.png Corporal Dylan McKenzie

CPL.png Corporal Parmvir Grewal

SPC.png Specialist Brian Beaudoin

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Toggle %s Operation Bronze Fire: Counter Insurgency Mission (COIN)

Posted By:  CPL D.McKenzie @ August 22, 2016 - 08:14 PM



August 21st, 2016

Operation Bronze Fire has mission, designated: COIN (Counter Insurgency Mission)

Both Platoons from Alpha Company have received separate OPORDs.

Abu Bakr al-Hussin is believed to be in the capital city of Dayr Hafir.

ISTS guerrillas forces are thought to be hiding in the area, as remnants of the organized army in the area.

Intelligence suggests multiple IED's being placed in populated urban centers and reports suicide bombers.

The source of the enemy in the region is believed to be enemy camps in the neighboring hills and low population settlements which may be harboring ISTS units.

First and Second Platoon will conduct presence patrols,

helping to destabilize semi-organized ISTS resistance in the area and assist the local government.

First and Second Platoon will make use of the coalition airbase at Al Safyrah, using UH-60s, and AH-64Ds aircraft manned by Brawler.

Second Squad “Ghosts” are to be conducting presence patrols in the villages of Quardallah (137053), Saloren (130058), Slanfa (145061) and Shahraza (139065).

Both Platoons will search for resistance members being harbored by civilians.

Second priority is to guard a local drilling station (136017).

Finally, Fourth Squad “Hitmen” must escort a local politician to a political rally and provide security.

First Platoon “Widowmakers”


Scorpions are to conduct presence patrols - on foot - in the villages of Quardallah, Saloren, Slanfa and Sharaza.

It is believed that some civilians may be ISIS sympathizers and may engage friendly units if they enter their village.

IED's have also been placed in these towns, so be on the look-out for conspicuous objects.


Ghost squad was to search three villages in search of ISIS members and a possible enemy cache of valuable ordinance.

These units are being harbored by civilians and have been attacking friendly units in the area with hit and run tactics.

The destruction of these units, their ordinance and the detainment of any civilians harboring ISIS forces is the mission.

To move to these locations, a UH-60 Black Hawk will be on standby to take units to LZ's to be marked on the day.


Spartans was to guard a civilian oil drilling station.

The squad will be flown in via UH-60 to the position, to patrol the area and man a checkpoint - in order to search civilian vehicles,

as this is located next to a busy junction. Elements of B. Co. will relieve Spartans once the situation has become less active.


Hitmen, attached with Diablo was to escort a local politician to the city of Jableh.

We've been informed that there will possible assassination attempt by radicals in the city who support ISIS due to the politicians policies.

Hitmen must maintain security during the rally and keep the civilians attending it calm.

An attempt should be made to not disrupt the rally unless his life is seriously in danger.

Once over, he must be escorted to his Villa in Al Safyrah (171039). Diablo elements will assist in the escort of the VIP.


Second Platoon "Hellhounds"


Reapers and Roughnecks will conduct a presence patrol in the town of Al Haffah.

The village was not fully secured by First Platoon when we were last in the area, but reports suggest that ISIS forces fled the village.

The squads are to scour the area for any ISIS left in the area, provide assistance to civilians and find and talk to the village elder about anything our platoon could do to assist the locals.

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Toggle %s Air Assault School - Class 16-03

Posted By:  CPT A.Cantu @ August 20, 2016 - 10:08 PM




Force Improvement Group hosted Air Assault School on Saturday, 20th August, 2016. The Air Assault School is intended to teach our soldiers techniques required for successful combat insertion via helicopter. Those who have completed the school will earn their Air Assault Badge once approved by the Commanding Officer.


This course was a huge success. We had a great turn out and were pleased to have Soldiers from the 173rd as well as Marines from MSOC in attendance.



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Toggle %s August Podcast 2016

Posted By:  SSG J.Johnson @ August 12, 2016 - 12:25 PM

Third Infantry Division's Public Affairs Office is proud to release our August podcast! This month we feature 2LT E.McGuffey, Platoon Leader for Bravo Company Second Platoon.



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Toggle %s Alpha Company Ceremony Video - 7th August

Posted By:  SPC A.Davis @ August 10, 2016 - 01:51 PM


This is the August ceremony from Alpha Company. Maj J.LaFlash covers all the events of the past month and preforms promotions along with giving awards.


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Toggle %s Promotion Ceremony | 7 August

Posted By:  SSG J.Johnson @ August 07, 2016 - 10:41 PM




 Over the last month, the 3rd Infantry Division pushed forwards in their development of future leaders and connection with fellow units. With both the Warrior Leadership Course and the Advanced Leadership Course about to take place this month, many upcoming fireteam and squad leaders have answered the call to become the best leaders they can be. Special congratulations to Master Sergeant Wendt and 2nd Lieutenant T.Worrall on the promotions!



Master Sergeant T.Funk - 1yr (Aug 4th)

Staff Sergeant D.Jackman - 1yr (Aug 20th)

1st Lieutenant D.Cantu - 2yr  (Aug 24th)




The promotions and awards are as follows;




Private Second Class L.Marrinan promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class M.Gregoire promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class E.Poltrak promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class M.Lafontaine promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class A.Parker promoted to Private First Class.





Private First Class I.Steacie promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class D.Usalhapun promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class A.Barrows promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class N.Chavez promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class D.Merrow promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class D.Calvert promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class K.Meyer promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class B.Beaudoin promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class E.Brock promoted to Specialist.





Specialist D.McKenzie promoted to Corporal.

Specialist D.Emerson promoted to Corporal.

Specialist H.Ta promoted to Corporal.

Specialist B.Perez promoted to Corporal.

Specialist S.Sieber promoted to Corporal.

Specialist P.Grewal promoted to Corporal.





Corporal J.Drake promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal D.Rhodes promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal M.Miller promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal Conrado promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal G.Lama promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal T.Laramee promoted to Sergeant.





Sergeant J.Johnson promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Sergeant E.Hermanson promoted to Staff Sergeant.






Staff Sergeant D.Jackman promoted to Sergeant First Class.





Sergeant First Class R.Wendt promoted to Master Sergeant.





Warrant Officer Candidate J.Horner promoted to Warrant Officer 1.





Officer Candidate T.Worrall promoted to Second Lieutenant.





Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM


Staff Sergeant D.Hardy

Corporal L.Church




Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, GWOTSM


Captain A.Cantu

2nd Lieutenant E.McGuffey

Sergeant First Class D.Lipnitz

Sergeant First Class D.Jackman

Staff Sergeant Lunsford

Corporal C.Laferriere

Specialist L.Sosa

Specialist B.Beaudoin

Private Trainee T.Yoder




Humanitarian Service Medal, HSM


Sergeant J.Rizzo




Global War on Terriorism Expeditionary Medal, GWOTEM


Staff Sergeant D.Jackman

Sergeant T.Laramee




National Defense Service Medal, NDSM


Private First Class J.Rockett

Private Trainee T.Trottier

Private Trainee S.Wilson



Good Conduct Medal, GCM


Captain D.Netto

2nd Lieutenant T.Day

2nd Lieutenant T.Worrall

Chief Warrant Officer 3 M.Larz

Warrent Officer 1 H.Lee

Warrant Officer 1 B.Ahles

Warrent Officer 1 S.Fisher

Warrent Officer 1 J.Horner

Sergeant First Class D.Lipnitz

Staff Sergeant A.Stenberg

Staff Sergeant J.Johnson

Staff Sergeant D.Hardy

Staff Sergeant G.Beaudoin

Sergeant E.Hasenauer

Sergeant K.Fear

Sergeant N.Lipnitz

Sergeant E.Rhodes

Corporal H.Ta

Corporal D.McKenzie

Corporal J.LaFlash

Corporal H.Lipnitz

Specialist B.Perez

Specialist J.Bitar

Specialist G.Jones

Specialsit V.Hyvarinen

Private First Class D.Merrow

Private First Class I.Steacie

Private First Class D.Usalhapun

Private First Class A.Barrows




Army Achievement Medal, AAM


Warrant Officer 1 B.Ahles

Warrant Officer 1 H.Lee

Staff Sergeant A.Lunsford

Sergeant G.Lama

Sergeant G.Conrado

Sergeant M.Miller

Sergeant E.Rhodes

Corporal S.Sieber

Corporal P.Grewal

Corporal H.Lipnitz

Specialist C.Charvos




Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM


2nd Lieutenant T.Worrall

2nd Lieutenant D.Strickland

Master Sergeant T.Funk




Army Commendation Medal, ACM


Master Sergeant R.Wendt

Sergeant First Class D.Lipnitz

Staff Sergeant E.Hermanson

Staff Sergeant G.Beaudoin

Sergeant J.Rizzo

Corporal K.Coffey




Armed Forces Service Medal, AFSM


Corporal M.Simpkins




Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, AFEM


1st Lieutenant D.Cantu

Master Sergeant T.Funk

Sergeant First Class D.Jackman




Basic Parachute Badge


Sergeant K.Fear

Corporal C.Laferriere

Corporal J.Millner

Specialist C.Jones

Private First Class A.Barrows

Private Second Class M.Lafontaine




Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB


Corporal D.Emerson

Corporal L.Church

Specialist E.Brock

Specialist H.Gonzalez

Private First Class S.Burge

Private First Class T.Withrow

Private First Class A.Ares

Private First Class J.Rockett

Private Second Class L.Mercado

Private Second Class C.Valdez

Private Second Class M.Gregoire

Private Trainee L.Silveria

Private Trainee A.Esmatpanah

Private Trainee O'hara

Private Trainee A.Zignago

Private Trainee A.Spencer

Private Trainee M.Morozov

Private Trainee T.Yoder

Private Trainee A.Parker

Recruit P.Farrimond

Recruit D.Ferris

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Toggle %s Operation Bronze Fire: Mission Bronze Angel

Posted By:  CPL D.McKenzie @ August 07, 2016 - 10:24 PM



August 7th, 2016

Alpha Companies tour in the Al-Rayak province continues to gain traction, leading up to the end of Operation Bronze Fire. As of 8/5/2016,

OPORD Mission designation: Mission Bronze Angel. First and Second Platoon are tasked with surrounding and securing the Last known Airfield as well as the city of Al-Safyrah.

Brawlers would be assisting in transporting Alpha Company.

First Platoon landed at LZ Sundown, Anti Air seemed non existent, as First platoon dropped off no more than 10 meters away from the town to the North-East side of the main city.

Scorpions were tasked with Securing the Military Compound with Ghosts. While Spartans were tasked with assaulting the town all the way to the center,

while eliminating any and all enemy contacts. Then pushing up to the airfield, where they would await backup.

Second Platoon landed at LZ Dawnbreaker,

Reapers were tasked with securing the interiour of the city, including bridges and construction sites.

Diablos were tasked with providing support by fire for Reapers and Roughnecks while moving into the main City.

While Roughnecks were moving into the town and taking out enemy positions to move into the main city.

Alpha Company moved into the Airfield all at once scoring a massive blow to the ISTS,

and possibly ending the conflict. The Airfield was packed with BMDs, BMPs, Zeus’s, and multiple Aircrafts.

Special notes from Major J.LaFlash: mission was a success, Widowmakers and Hellhound performed exemplary in battle today.  

Brawlers also did a great job on providing transport and CAS. Hooah! To Alpha Company


Bravo Company also continues to push back the ISTS and ISF forces out of the region, as well as securing extremely helpful Intel.

Captain Cantu and Bravo Companies OPROD designation: Mission Bronze Angel.

Bravo company task in Al-Rayak was to destroy the enemy anti-air emplacements near Al-Saryrah.

First Platoon completed the objective as ordered.

As First Platoon destroyed their objective, ISTS forces hit back with Light Machine guns and a handful of squads with high amounts of training.

While taking casualties, First Platoon “Blackhawks” were able to aid the wounded, and still continue to push.


Second Platoon was also able to complete their objective as well,

yet were while being hit hard from massive amounts of ISTS forces, both with light, militant training,

and almost near special forces training. Second Platoon had the dedication as warriors in order to sustain casualties,

and still managing to put a dent in the ISTS forces.

As Bravo Company takes out the ISTS Anti-Air emplacements,

it made a big enough dent to push the rest of the Battalion into Al-Saryrah.

The leadership and dedication of the Platoon Commanders, Squad Leaders, and Team Leaders,

shows that Loyalty and Duty are definitely used in Bravo Company. Hooah! To you soldiers in Bravo Company.

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Toggle %s AA:PG Draft Night Results - July 2016

Posted By:  SFC D.Jackman @ August 01, 2016 - 09:26 PM

The battle was fierce and the night lit up with bullets and grenades. Draft night had a good turn out tonight as CPT A.Cantu and myself refereed the games and watch the battles play out, with five teams of four playing a double elimination tournament.

Strong pull for Team 2 as they became undefeated with Team 5 being their worthy adversary with two losses and three wins getting them out of the losers rounds and into the main bracket! However the teams played fiercely and all out trying to take the finals as their own for the bloating and glory for the month, until next.

We would like to thank everyone for participating, members and all and hope to see you all again next month.



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