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Welcome everyone to the official site of the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit. If you would like to enlist in the 3rd Infantry Division, please register and submit an application. You may find that our convenient Enlistment Application process begins with the simple click of a link located in the menu above. We hope you enjoy your stay here at the 3rd Infantry Division.

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Toggle %s July 4th Pub-A-Thon

Posted By:  SSG D.Jackman @ June 16, 2016 - 10:38 AM



WHEN: Monday July 4th 2016 @ 4:00pm - Tuesday July 5th 2016 @4:00am


WHERE: Our public servers - [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Public Server (AA:PG)

 [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Public Server (Arma 3)

  Join our teamspeak; teamspeak.3rdinf.us


WHO: We will have members on throughout the night and into the morning! We are inviting everyone to this event, come meet new people get to know our members and other members of the community and just have a good time!  


WHY: We here at the Third Infantry Division feel it's always a great opportunity to have people from all over get together and get to know not only us but other members of the Arma 3 and AAPG community. It will be a night filled with laughs and frags and give people the opportunity to meet new people and make some new friends! So clean those rifles, tighten those boot straps and get some sleep for nonstop action! Hooah!

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Toggle %s July Raffle

Posted By:  SGT J.Jones @ June 15, 2016 - 09:07 PM


 The 3RD Infantry Division is supported by the donations of its members and various other benefactors; however this does not always meet the required total and the Major makes up the difference in order to keep the unit up and running.  With other financial obligations that people need to meet as the months come to an end, it is understandable not everyone can donate money.  This has led to the beginning of a monthly raffle hosted by the 3RD, this is an open raffle that anyone can partake in.  Pricing for tickets starts at 5USD, you can follow the link to purchase one, or several tickets, http://3rdinf.us/ind...-raffle-ticket/ .  This month the grand prize is a RAZER Blackwidow Chroma RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard ($144.99), with other smaller prizes such as a 3RD ID retro T-Shirt, 3RD ID shot glasses(21 years of age +) or 3RD ID dogtags(20 and below), 3RD ID ACU Patch, and a 3RD ID keychain.  The raffle drawing will be July 3rd 1300EST during Cermony.


Grand Prize:

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Toggle %s Army birthday 2016

Posted By:  SGT J.Johnson @ June 14, 2016 - 02:20 AM

Over 241 years ago, the Continental Army was founded. The Continental Army was formed by the Second Continental Congress after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War by the colonies that became the United States of America. Established by a resolution of the Congress on June 14, 1775, it was created to coordinate the military efforts of the Thirteen Colonies in their revolt against the rule of Great Britain. The Continental Army was supplemented by local militias and troops that remained under control of the individual states or were otherwise independent. 


Today, we honor our heritage. The US Army has come a long way since its birth and it continues to improve with time. Here's to another year soldiers! Hooah!



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Toggle %s Operation Bronze Fire: Mission Overlord

Posted By:  PFC D.McKenzie @ June 07, 2016 - 01:02 PM
June 5, 2016
3rd ID briefing at 1445 in game time, at FOB Marne with 32nd Rangers and 75th Ranger's accompanied by the 173rd airborne
Ground forces dropped off by choppers from LZ Hotel to the east of Jableh moving to the west and securing the port city.
Airborne qualified jumpers to make initial assault in before ground based troops.
Once the step off occurred, an ISTS insurgent camp was the first contact.
Under the command of 32nd MAJ. Payne, and CAPT. Church, the camp was eliminated within a matter of minutes, as well as encountering an enemy motor and mortar pool.
The soldiers and Rangers took minimal casualties.
Once inside the main city, soldiers quickly discovered a highly classified piece of intelligence that was handed off to MAJ. Payne in order to hand off to MAJ. LaFlash.
From there the 32nd and the 3rdID soldiers were EVACed back to FOB Marne. And the debrief occurred from there.
Airborne Qualified 3rdID along with 75thRRD and some 173rd dropped at a high altitude, with rapid speed and succession.
Once landed their task was to eliminate the South-East Air Field, once they had landed they trecked around 1000m.
Reports of Airborne soldiers say "the dropped was scattered, it took extra time for me to find friendly's".
The Air Field was taken between 45 minutes to an hour, it could have possibly been taken sooner, but with 50 possible contacts, heavy armor, and a 2 to 1 head count.
The training they had been given showed that no matter how long it took, victory would always be achieved.

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Toggle %s Promotion Ceremony | 5 June 2016

Posted By:  SGT J.Johnson @ June 06, 2016 - 05:18 PM





 Over the last month, the 3rd Infantry Division pushed forwards in their development of future leaders and connection with fellow units. With both the Warrior Leadership Course and the Advanced Leadership Course having taken place this month, many upcoming fireteam and squad leaders have answered the call to become the best leaders they can be. Moving forwards with Operation Bronze Fire, the combined efforts of the 3rdID, 75th RRC, 32nd Ranger Battalion, and the 173rd Airborne Brigade succeeded in capturing the south-western airfield as well as the port city of Jableh. Special congratulations to 2LT Erich McGuffey, OCS Denny Strickland, and SFC Alex Crasci on the promotions!


Captain A.Cantu (2 years)

Captain D.Netto (5 years)

Corporal B.Blumenberg (1 year)



The promotions and awards are as follows;

BCT Graduates for the Month of (Month):


Private Trainee S.Sinkhorn 

Private Trainee R.Thomas 

Private Trainee A.Barrows 





Private Second Class L.Williamson promoted to Private First Class

Private Second Class K.Wu promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class D.McKenzie promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class A.Gregson promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class G.Jones promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class R.Newsome promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class I.Lopez promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class D.Emerson promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class D.Calvert promoted to Private First Class.





Private First Class R.Kusi promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class H.Gonzalez promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class E.Thomas promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class J.Drake promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class J.Millner promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class F.Remus promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class A.Davis promoted to Specialist.

Private Second Class A.McGrath promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class C.Charvos promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class M.Hendry promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class M.Wiley promoted to Specialist.





Specialist J.LaFlash promoted to Corporal.

Specialist Donovan promoted to Corporal.

Specialist A.Macdonald promoted to Corporal.

Specialist J.Bryan promoted to Corporal.

Specialist Z.Flint promoted to Corporal.

Specialist K.Barrett promoted to Corporal.

Specialist J.Redman promoted to Corporal.





Corporal D.Hardy promoted to Sergeant.





Sergeant D.Jackman promoted to Staff Sergeant.





Staff Sergeant A.Crasci promoted to Sergeant First Class.






Staff Sergeant D.Strickland promoted to Officer Candidate.





Officer Candidate E.McGuffey promoted to Second Lieutenant.





Army Service Ribbon, ASR


Private Trainee S.Sinkhorn 

Private Trainee R.Thomas 

Private Trainee A.Barrows 




NCO Development Ribbion, NCODEV


Sergeant D.Hardy

Sergeant A.Stenberg

Warrent Officer Candidate J.Horner

Warrent Officer Canditate H.Lee

Corporal J.Bryan

Corporal J.Redman

Corporal K.Fear

Corporal J.LaFlash

Corporal Z.Flint

Corporal K.Barrett

Corporal M.Simpkins

Specialist F.Remus

Specialist S.Sieber

Specialist H.Ta

Specialist M.Miller

Specialist L.Sosa

Private First Class D.Hamilton





Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM


Sergeant D.Hardy

Specialist Z.Lattanzio

Private First Class D.McKenzie

Private First Class D.Hamilton




Humanitarian Service Medal, HSM


Sergeant D.Hardy

Specialist F.Remus





Global War on Terriorism Expeditionary Medal, GWOTEM


Captain A.Cantu

2nd Lieutenant E.McGuffey

Sergeant I.Delgado

Sergeant D.Jackman

Corporal C.Lafferiere




National Defense Service Medal, NDSM


Private First Class D.Hamilton

Private First Class C.Rooney

Private Trainee J.Gill

Private Trainne M.Taylor



Good Conduct Medal, GCM


1st Lieutenant S.Lewis

Sergeant First Class A.Crasci

Sergeant E.Hermanson

Sergeant I.Delgado

Corporal G.Tucci

Corporal J.Bryan

Corporal G.Lama

Specialist M.Gakushi

Specialist H.Gonzalez

Specialist E.Thomas

Specialist M.Delorme

Specialist M.Miller

Specialist M.Wiley

Specialist C.Charvos

Specialist A.Davis

Private First Class K.Somenzi

Private First Class C.Gordon




Army Achievement Medal, AAM


Corporal G.Lama

Corporal J.Bryan

Corporal G.Tucci

Specialist F.Remus

Private First Class D.Emerson




Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM


Specialist S.Sieber




Army Commendation Medal, ACM


Sergeant S.Brownlee




Armed Forces Service Medal, AFSM


Sergeant J.Johnson

Sergeant E.Hermanson

Sergeant N.Lipnitz

Sergeant J.Rizzo

Sergeant A.Stenberg

Sergeant S.Brownlee

Corporal G.Lama

Corporal K.Coffey

Corporal E.Hasenauer

Specialist M.Lattanzio




Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, AFEM


Corporal B.Blumenberg




Purple Heart, PH


Staff Sergeant T.Worrall

Chief Warrent Officer 3 Larz

Warrent Officer Candidate Lee




Basic Parachute Badge


Sergeant N.Lipnitz

Corporal K.Coffey

Corporal M.Simpkins

Private Second Class K.Wu

Private Second Class B.Beaudoin

Private Second Class N.Palmer

Recruit J.Sinkhorn

Recruit S.Sinkhorn




Combat Medical Badge, CMB


Private Trainee C.Huang




Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB


Privat First Class C.Stafford

Private First Class C.Rooney

Private First Class D.Hamilton

Private First Class R.Moore

Private First Class I.Lopez

Private First Class L.Willamson

Private Second Class B.Beaudoin

Private Second Class S.Sinkhorn

Private Second Class D.Merrow

Private Second Class L.Ginnetty

Private Second Class J.David

Private Trainee C.Huang

Private Trainee J.Sinkhorn

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Toggle %s Remembering D-Day June 6

Posted By:  SGT J.Johnson @ June 06, 2016 - 02:13 PM

72 years ago today, more than 160,000 Allied troops began the liberation of occupied Europe. We remember their sacrifice and honor their courage.


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Toggle %s Warrior Leadership Course 16-05

Posted By:  SPC F.Remus @ June 05, 2016 - 07:34 AM



NCO's are the backbone of the unit and the Army. The Warrior Leadership Course is a two day event that helps prepare soldiers to take up the role of NCO, giving them the tools needed to be effective leaders. Candidates are those Specialists and Corporals who have shown the potential and drive to be solid leaders of fireteams as well as opening the opportunity for advance to Sergeant and beyond.



Graduates are also eligible to be awarded the NCO Professional Development Ribbon, which shall be awarded pending approval of the Company Commander.


SGT.png Sergeant Axel Stenberg ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.png Corporal Daniel Hardy ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.png Corporal Kyle Fear ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.png Corporal Martin Simpkins ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

WOC.png Warrant Officer Candidate Jamie Horner 

WOC.png Warrant Officer Candidate Harry Lee

SPC.png Specialist Kliff Barrett

SPC.png Specialist Jon Bryan

SPC.png Specialist Zachary Flint

SPC.png Specialist Jenna LaFlash

SPC.png Specialist Matthew Miller

SPC.png Specialist James Redman

SPC.png Specialist Shawn Sieber

SPC.png Specialist Luis Sosa

SPC.png Specialist Minh-Hoang Ta

PFC.png Private First Class Firenze Remus

PFC.png Private First Class Daniel Hamilton

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Toggle %s May 2016 Raffle Five Days Left

Posted By:  SPC J.Millner @ May 31, 2016 - 09:46 AM



As you all know 3RD Infantry Division is ran and supported by donations made by us, and more often than not, by Major’s wallet. Not all of us can donate due to saving up to buy a headset that works better, a graphics card upgrade, or even more RAM. But Starting this month 3rdID will be having raffles. Tickets starting at 5USD a ticket and the raffle prize will change each month. This month we are raffling a  PX3 Turtle Beach Headset. You can purchase your ticket here http://3rdinf.us/index.php?/donate/goal-15-raffle-ticket/ and you can enter as many times as you want. Hurry, the raffle has already started and the winner will be announced at the June 5th Ceremony.


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