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  • Promotion Ceremony | 04 November

    Our new website is live! Take a look around and make yourself at home!
    This month we see Lieutenant Nick Lipnitz retiring from service. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years!

    Promoted to Officer Candidate
    Mathew Carter

    Promoted to Sergeant
    Isaiah Delgado, David Keaton

    Promoted to Corporal
    Hunter Hannaford, Justyn Martin

    Promoted to Specialist
    Anthony Jones, Micheal Marks, Corey Miller, Yarden Nissan, Jack Ryan, Mike Tymms

    Promoted to Private First Class
    Luka Gregurevic, Harvey Moro, Timothy Whalen


    Meritorious Service Medal
    Arthur Cantu, Dana Cantu

    Joint Service Commendation Medal
    Elgin Gilmore

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Brad Ahles, Kalin Grigorov

    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
    Justin Franc

    Army Achievement Medal
    Garry Beaudoin, Wolffe Fives, Geovanie Hernandez, Arba McCullough, Jack Ryan, Daniel Shade

    Good Conduct Medal
    Brad Ahles, Matthew Baldwin, John Bolten, Mathew Carter, Wolffe Fives, Jackson Fortune, Justin Franc, Maarten Gregoire, Dakota Hicks, Joe Lex, Justyn Martin, Israel Rangel, Joseph Rizzo, Daniel Shade

    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    Yarden Nissan

    Operation Freedom's Sentinel Service Ribbon
    Valorous Unit Award
    LTC J.LaFlash, CPT D.Cantu, CPT A.Cantu, CPT Q.Simmons, CPT D.Strickland, 1LT B.Boville, 1LT D.Hardy, 1LT D.Lipnitz, 2LT J.Johnson, 2LT N.Lipnitz, 2LT R.Mellott, 2LT M.Murakami, SGM R.Wendt, 1SG E.Gilmore, , CW3 B.Ahles, CW3 J.Lex, CW2 J.Franc, MSG N.Primrose, SFC G.Beaudoin, SFC H.Lipnitz, SFC A.Lunsford, SFC J.Rizzo, SFC E.Verhein, SSG W.Fives, SSG P.Grewal, SSG K.Grigorov, SSG J.LaFlash, SSG D.Shade, SSG M.Miller, SSG J.Mott, SSG C.Murdoch, SSG S.Peterman, SSG H.Strickland, OCS M.Carter, SGT M.Baldwin, SGT A.Bee, SGT M.Benitez, SGT G.Bluehair, SGT P.Fransson, SGT D.Keaton, SGT B.Langford, SGT J.Rauan, SGT P.Stowe, WOC M.Gregoire, CPL G.Ancheta, CPL J.Feagin, CPL H.Hannaford, CPL D.Hicks, CPL J.Martin, CPL A.McCullough, CPL W.O’Reilly, CPL I.Rangel, CPL I.Steacie, SPC M.Berdeaux, SPC J.Bolten, SPC T.Bowen, SPC S.Canning, SPC B.Denlis, SPC J.Fortune, SPC G.Hernandez, SPC A.Jones, SPC L.Lambert, SPC M.Marks, SPC C.Miller, SPC Y.Nissan, SPC E.Piispanen, SPC J.Ryan, SPC C.Sheffield, PFC D.Fernandez, PFC T.Laramee, PFC S.LaVie, PFC N.Moreira, PFC A.Rizzo, PFC K.Shriner, PFC E.Watson, PFC T.Whalen, PV2 W.Bensink, PV2 T.Bridges, PV2 D.Bursac, PV2 A.Hoser, PV2 B.Pond, PVT D.Schneider, PVT G.Sharp, PVT B.Tulip


  • New Website Launch

    Welcome to our new home soldiers!
    Well over a year in the making and developing of this beautiful state of the art website, we present to you the next phase in the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit. With complements of a newly developed PERSCOM system, new uniforms/signatures, and all the bells and whistles for an easy navigational forums layout.  Huge shout out to all those involved in the development, design and transfer of data to our new home.  Captain Arthur Cantu and his small team of dedicated soldiers have really outdone themselves!  

    Quick history lesson - We launched and operated on our prior website version for since September 2014 ( over 4 years), since then we have conducted eight (8) operations as a unit, RRO has accepted 2,110 soldiers into the unit (just shy of 3,000 total applications), FIG has conducted 453 Basic/ Advanced training course and CID has completed 4,085 uniform updates in that same time period.  There are not many words to describe those numbers above besides "Outstanding" and "Dedicated".  Literally thousands of soldiers and leaders are responsible for the success we have had since  that launch!

    Lets kick the tires, check the gauges, and get behind the wheel of our new site in the coming days, make it your own and be proud that you're a Dog Faced Soldier!  



  • Time changes this weekend: Daylight Saving Time 2018 ends Sunday; clocks fall back 1 hour



    Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this weekend.

    DST ends Sunday, Nov. 4, so you should set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.

    The change officially comes at 2 a.m. local time on the first Sunday in November.

    DST started March 11, 2018. It will restart on March 10, 2019.

    Sunday’s change means sunrise and sunset will be about one hour earlier on Nov. 4 than it was the day before, meaning there will be more daylight in the morning hours.

    Unsure if the your state or country you live in observes DTS? Check here.


  • Soldier of the Quarter | Third Quarter 2018

    Lieutenant Colonel LaFlash is proud to announce the Soldiers of the Quarter for Third Quarter 2018.
    These soldiers truly set the example of what it means to live up to the Army Values.
    They have been awarded the Soldier's Medal in recognition of their dedicated service.


    Alpha Company - Corporal Arba McCullough
    Bravo Company - Specialist Hunter Hannaford


    Corporal Arba McCullough -
    Tell us a little about yourself. 
    Aside from school, I love to play tactical RTS games and study tactics, learn history, draw, write literature, and exercise with my dogs.
    What is your favorite aspect of the unit?
    I like the satisfaction of achieving rank, and with it comes responsibility- pushing myself here to lead others will guide me in the right direction in real life.
    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? 
    I remember when I was leading a 3-man patrol on the outskirts of Rasman, Takistan- and the enemy decide to casually roll three T-72s down the MSR, heading straight towards my team with no AT. Fun time.
    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? 
    Speak out. If you have any concerns or questions regarding other soldiers or the unit- don't hesitate to speak out, because we can clear the problem then and there before it escalates and people end up leaving due to problems that could've been solved in the first place, and personally I hate seeing people leave.
    What army value is the most important to you and why? 
    I would have to say Personal Courage and Integrity, I can't choose one. Personal Courage hits me hard because I know myself that I have a hard time taking the initiative whenever the 1iC goes down and it falls onto me. Integrity as well also hits close to home because I was taught that if your word has no value, your life has no value- it's a bit extreme but if you're at fault for the failure of your unit, you cannot break your honesty and blame someone else. Doing what's right at the cost of your ego and dignity that can both be replenished by learning from your mistakes, is a start in the right direction nonetheless.
    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?
    I've learned to have more military bearing, personal courage, and expand my communication through myself up and down the chain of command.

    Specialist Hunter Hannaford -
    Tell us a little about yourself. 
    I enjoy mountain biking and have have too many pets to be good for my health.
    What is your favorite aspect of the unit?
    I like the military realism it brings to the members, and the FTX's and drills, I have never said "ugh FTX," or "ugh drills."
    Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout your whole time in the unit? 
    My most memorable moment is SGT P.Stowe chasing me in a Bradley down the training field. (for no reason in particular)
    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers? 
    Stick in the unit, and learn all you can from this community. Also feel free to ask questions, you're not gonna be made fun of for asking a question.
    What army value is the most important to you and why? 
    Teamwork and leadership in the unit and not holding grudges during FTX's or Drills.
    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?
    Yes, I have learned how to be a better leader, talk and work with people.

  • Promotion Ceremony | 07 October

    We are excited to announce our new website is expected to be ready to launch by next ceremony! Be sure to register and submit an enlistment application on the beta website!
    This month we see Sergeant Major Wendt retiring from service. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years!
    We will be having our annual Halloween Pub-A-Thon so be sure the come hang out with us!

    Promoted to Private First Class
    Blaine Gustafson, Finn Henry, Anthony Jones, Tyler Laramee, Michael Marks, Corey Miller, Yarden Nissan, Jack Ryan

    Promoted to Specialist
    Aidan Hanson, Eliel Piispanen

    Retired as Sergeant Major
    Randell Wendt

    Army Service Ribbon
    Nate Hoser, Anthony Jones, Keith Lillie, Jack Ryan, Anthony Rizzo, Timothy Whalen

    NCO Development
    Garry Beaudoin [2], Wolffe Fives [2], Phillip Stowe [2], Ethan Verhein [2], Caleb Wiggs [2],
    Ty Bowen, Brianna Denlis, Jonathan Feagin, Hunter Hannaford, Dakota Hicks, David Keaton, Isaiah Rangel

    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    Tyler Laramee

    National Defense Service Medal
    Michael Marks, Corey Miller, Quincy Morton, Zachary Peterson, Anthony Rizzo

    Good Conduct Medal
    Garry Beaudoin, Joshua Connet, Dylan Hayes, Finn Henry, Geovanie Hernandez, Mark Hibby, Nicholas Lipnitz, Ronald Mellott, Mike Murakami, Eliel Piispanen, Joseph Rizzo, Jacob Theriault, Nicholas Udeanu, Ethan Verhein, Randell Wendt, Caleb Wiggs

    Army Achievement Medal
    Joshua Connet, Jonathan Feagin, Mark Hibby, Nicholas Lipnitz, Ronald Mellott, Emil Michev, Corey Miller, Joseph Rizzo, Ethan Verhein

    Joint Service Commendation Medal
    Gordon Bluehair, Wolffe Fives

    Army Commendation Medal
    Matthew Baldwin, Matthew Carter, Hunter Hannaford, Caleb Wiggs

    Armed Forces Service Medal
    Ethan Verhein

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Wolffe Fives, Jacob Theriault

    Combat Infantryman Badge
    Timothy Whalen

    French Fourragere
    Daniel Shady