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  • 2/1/A-CO, 1-2IN - Alpha Company, First Platoon, Second Squad

    Start: 02/19/23 20:00
    End: 02/19/23 22:00
    After action report

    Present outside of combat unit



    Eliminate Enemy Presence

    Capture Enemy Bunkers


    Several Friendly Fire incidents occurred throughout the operation due to negligent discharges and failure to communicate during combat.   

    Areas of Strength

    Planning, the squad was able to effective plan an attack on an enemy bunker that was being patrolled by two squad worth of enemies and two static weapon systems. Once the bunker was secured the enemy enacted a counter attack plan to recapture the bunker, through hasty communication and preplanned sector coverage. Second Squad was able to repel the enemy battalion from their position and effectively deny enemy forces from the area. 

    Areas of Weakness

    Communication, as the squad initially took contact at our first objective, communication broke down very quickly due to leadership structure being immediately take out by enemy fire. Once superiority of fire was maintained what remained of the squad was able to eliminate the enemy force and get the Squad Leader back up to regain communication with the Platoon HQ.

    Suggested Improvements


    Mission Summary

    Against all odds, Second Squad, while understrength and low on ammunition was successfully able to repel an Enemy Battalion from the objective area and maintain positive control of all objectives. 

    Overall Sentiment